Do you need to be playing as the specific class to get the M4 class mods to drop?

Playing as Amara to try and get the Raging Bear class mod from Billy as she’s my most effective character. Killed him 35+ times on Mayhem 4 after the hotfix and it hasn’t dropped once let alone a good roll.

What gives?

Im not entirely sure, ive had it drop a number of times; although i was using moze. I heard only amaras driver com is locked to her

You can get them with other VH but they are weighted to the one you are playing so it’s easier to play the matching one.

Welp, I don’t think my Moze can handle M4 yet but I’ll try her. Thanks

How much is the weighting?

I don’t know how to answer that.

I mean like if I’m killing an enemy that presumably only drops the Moze class mod and not the 3 others, what drop rate percentage am I giving up by not going Moze

I doubt there is a way to tell; if you have a mindsweeper com and an epicenter Moze should make quick work of billy on m4

I do but the epicenter isn’t annointed

What build do people use with minesweeper? I’ve been using bloodletter with deathless

As long as you have PtHP, just having the com on should work; though id reccomend not using thin red line with +aoe on relic; anointment isnt needed since your close enough to an ammo machine to buy more,

  • most mindsweeper builds vary from a mix of all 3 trees, dw/sor, or dw/bm; each have strengths n weaknesses though


Pull the holy pin - for grenade criticals

Ah ok yeah, I just dont have any good weapons in general for her for M4 yet

I don’t know if it’s weighted or by how much if it is. However, when I ran Amara completely through the DLC I got a ■■■■ ton of class mods for Moze and a few of the other classes in addition to Amara mods… I don’t know if I statistically got more for Amara but if I did it wasn’t by much. Not really a statistically significant sampling so YMMV.

I run Mindsweeper and literally the only thing I still need to make my build basically perfect is a f**kin Last Stand Otto Idol with good rolls but Tyreen refuses to drop me one lol

Yeah the DLC drops class mods like candy. I haven’t had an issue getting other class mods except for this time I’m farming the M4 mods so I was wondering if it was just specific to them or what.

Mind linking me your build? I only know how to build her for Iron Bear or Blast Master/Bloodletter stuff. Completely clueless on everything else.

Thats what im running atm, I might take one point out of Vladof Ingenuity and put it into Experimental Munitions tho. Also for any Mindsweeper COM you want 1 point in Redistribution and as few points in Torgue Cross Promotion because that skill gets you killed. Mine personally gives +3 Fire In the Skag Den, +1 TCP and +1 Redistribution