Do you often find it hard to go back to the other games?

Borderlands 2 is honestly my all itme favorite game. It has everything, loads of weapons, tons of replayability, fun bosses and a bunch of DLC to hold you over.

I love the Borderlands series, so if you remember my name on here. I do alot of series playthroughs, alots of themes on whatever I feel like. (Pain Train- Brick/Salvador/Wilhelm, Boom Headshot- Mordicai/Zero/Nisha) and much more.

I end up finishing up those playthroughs but I often get very…lazy whenever I have to play Borderlands/Pre-Sequel. NOT like I don’t like those games mind you, their super fun but…I don’t know lol. Then when I get to play Borderlands 2 OOOH! Than it’s a different story, I’m all ready to do an hours long session of Borderlands 2. I’ve played these characters a ton but MMMM! I love starting over to level them up again and again~

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I’m on the quest of getting ONE pearl in BL1 from craw and that’s it xD

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Oh Pearls…I’ll even settle for an Ajax Ogre lol.

Im a long time player all the way from the first game. I keep coming back to them cause there my fav games. Im into Destiny now but wish Gearbox would make a third installment. If they did I would drop Destiny in a heartbeat! I also feel the same, starting a new never gets old. Going through all the dlc’s is something I cant wait for either. I have so many memories with these games and being on the forums. I cruse through here often, I cant let go. Remembering when they were in their prime makes me wish for those days again.