Do you play alone or in groups?

Do you play singleplayer or coop and why?

I usually play alone because other players are a pain in the ass. When I play a new DLC I wanna discover everything and talk to all the NPC, compare different guns etc. Meanwhile the people the matchmaker finds are rushing through the maps missing half of the game. No thanks


I prefer to play co-op with my actual friends. Barring that, I’ll opt for solo play. Generally speaking, not playing at all is preferable to PUGs in my experience.



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First playthrough always solo, then with friends. Never with randoms.


I always play solo, every game.
The only time I played on-line was with Quake Arena back in the early 2000’s, and since that was just a arena battle with no leveling or unique gear it didn’t matter if there were modders, aimbots, and so on. And I played the Excessive mod, which was absurdly fun.

So never in any Borderlands.

Funny enough, I did open my door once in BL2, someone immediately spawned in an dumped 10 OP-8 Bee shields on my floor.
I quit as fast as I could, never opened the door again.


Co op with friends from your friends list or mainly solo because I want to be rewarded for killing stuff/discovering rare loot myself, especially first run through dlcs

Solo 100%
The only games I play co-op are the drop in/drop out kind of games like Warframe, those with a simple enough structure (in fact I stopped playing Warframe since they introduced “raids” that need too much coordination and I’m heartbroken about that :sob:)

solo all the time and on first play-through of all content. but id love to play co-op if any of my irl friends played bl3 as much as i do lol

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99% of my BL play time is solo. The balance is occasional couch co-op (BL 1/2) when I visit a friend who’s also a fan.

Also that one time I played with him over Xbox Live. I like in-person gaming much better: screen is smaller, but feeling is different. Online co-op somehow did not grab me.

Edit: as far as why I mostly play alone - I don’t have well-defined gaming schedule, so don’t want to go through coordination hassle. And playing with randoms is just not my cup of tea.

Always solo. A good game is like a good book. While many people can enjoy the same book… but you don’t want to read it with 36 people at the same time with only one copy of the book.
Like an orgy in a crackhouse - not a pleasant experience.

Main reason: people are unreliable in general. I’m okay with them for - a minute or minute and a half, after that… I have to jump out of a window…
And don’t get me started on matchmaking!

This is the reason why I drink! Cheers! :beer:

I play almost entirely solo, but I’d definitely play in groups more often if I could re-instance areas without needing to save quit and requiring those partied people to rejoin, and if I could view lobbies so as to avoid modded games.

Co-op is what made BL2 such a gem for me. I haven’t been able to have a decent co-op experience in BL3 due to horrendous matchmaking and the terrible way the modifiers for MH2.0 were implemented.


I play solo exclusively. Back in the days I used to play with friends in BL and it was nice, then I played BL2 a bit with strangers, never this again that was a festival of bs. I don’t like playing with strangers because most of the time it is not a pleasant experience for a reason or another (people cheating, people having a completely different rhythm and game goals etc…)

I play alone because I got no friends and don’t really feel like playing with randoms.

Story, new content (raids, dlc, events) with friends they’re the reason I play borderlands. It’s like the only game my irl and me play together.

If I want to torture myself with monotonous farming, solo due to having to save/quit.

Been doing a little of both,first time playthroughs of any content I definitely solo and when I farm,usually when doing co op it’s test sessions or raids with friends or to drop a couple mayhem lvl’s and have fun just blowing stuff up,i’ve found the forum the best place to find friends who play all the time as well or the community’s started by forum members

Did both and the group I ran with played solo also but now ? As long as bl3 continues to head down m2.0 road I don’t see us playing for awhile.

Solo at the moment. Anyone I used to co-op with has moved on.
Not interested a playing with randoms.

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I play with my brother and sister. We all live in different places and Borderlands has been one of the more entertaining ways we keep in touch.

…or, it was. Since Mayhem 2.0 dropped, the game stability on Xbox has been so poor we can’t have a single session without multiple crashes. I don’t mind playing solo, but I can’t drum up the enthusiasm to play if multiplayer is completely out of the picture.

I got into the Borderlands franchise because it’s one of very few couch coop games with adventure elements, unique action skills and sort of open world feeling combined with a decent story and overall unique gameplay for a shooter.

Played Borderlands 2 with my better half for years.

Borderlands 3 however is a pure solo experience because my better half hates the laggy splitscreen mode. Borderlands 2 ran so much smoother.

Soooo yeah… Unfortunately a pure solo game for me, too.

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