Do you play alone or in groups?

I’ve never found the borderlands games to be particularly suited to multiplayer. I played a lot of BL2 and TPS with a couple of friends, and it was fun, but it was rarely as fun as playing solo.

So many things about the games just don’t work well with co-op. Like the fact that players want to frequently check their inventory or respec, which is boring for everyone else. Or that it gets too easy when there’s always someone to revive you. Or that you can’t really soak in the (very well crafted) atmosphere as well. Or that one person wants to experiment, or go for particular challenges, or farm a particular mini-boss, while another just wants to complete main missions. Or that vehicles suddenly get weird and laggy when in co-op.

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I play solo mostly but since I’ve got a friend and other friends to play with I’ll play with them if they wanna run content but I mostly play solo cause I like being alone.

i would love to play online, but lags is ruining it for me.

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Can’t play solo. Still holding out hope that they fix couch co-op to be playable in vertical splitscreen. Neither of us can play in mail-slot mode as it gives us headaches, and neither of us is interested in playing solo.

I play both solo and co-op. I find them two different experiences. On my own I’m slow and careful. In co-op it’s a much more frenetic affair :smiley:

I’m lucky to have a group of good friends with whom I play one co-op game or the other regularly. One has been playing BL1 with me since pre-Steam days. Gamespy was unusable. Does anyone else remember GameRanger? :slight_smile:

We’ve played all the BL games together. We’ve played a lot of co-op games but BL remains the best. However, we are not endgame players. We like campaign play. When BL GOTY Enhanced was released, we didn’t import our old high level saves. Instead, we grabbed new characters and took them through two playthroughs and the DLCs to reach L69.

Sadly, we stopped playing BL3 some months ago. With the emphasis on endgame, there was barely any point to the game after one playthrough. We replayed with different characters but it just felt like there was nowhere to go. I still play a little solo but have all the characters maxed out part way through TVHM and I tend to lose interest without that next skill point in sight. The DLCs have been brilliant and DLC3 looks like it will keep up that quallity but with no progression , one playthrough is all I can muster.

We’re playing Generation Zero, at the moment. It’s vastly inferior to BL3’s campaign and gameplay but at least we’re still gaining skills and finding new gear into the DLCs. Hey, ho :frowning_face:

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I play with my Daughter once or twice a week.

I play with my core friends group once a week. We don’t even play our max level chars together anymore, because we all have different preferences for M10 Modifiers, and since I play a Splash moze Build, I seriously hate Holy Crit, which the other 3 can at least agree to use. We only played them recently so that we could farm up the cartel event en masse, and more often than not, I was just there to stand in the back and pretend to do damage.

Outside of that, I play completely solo, and at M10 that’s exactly what I prefer.

Solo. Originally bought BL2 to play couch co-op with my girlfriend, but after a while she started getting bad bouts of motion sickness. We couldn’t resolve that so I continued on solo. Played a couple times online with someone from here but I kept having headset technical issues and eventually gave it up. All solo now.

I play exclusively solo, or with my friend in split-screen co-op.

Solo. I have 2 friends that I forced borderlands upon but m2.0 ended that (I don’t blame them ) … Now they wait for me to beta test dlc3/phase2 for them and give the yay or nay.

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I just don’t play anymore since the bazillion guns have been reduced to a dozen or so.

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Solo… i don’t have friends that plays this game. Even if i did it would be difficult to coordinate play time together anyways.

This game match making needs massive rework. So sometimes solo players gets punished a bit i feel…

Solo player here. I like to go at my own pace. Generally if I play in a group everyone is just rushing around. Not as fun for me.

On average: solo play 60%/co-op 40%

Solo - if I want to make progress. (80%)
Pubs - if I want to ef around. (20%)
Friends - most do not like looter-shooter genre, the rest are pirates. So yeah. (0%)

Soooo i have family that plays.

Brother inlaw has 4 characters and i have a Godson with every dang console and game around. But he lives in multiplayer fpa and vr chat.

My wife played all the borderlands with me.

Unfortunately we bought the epic release… We own the rest on steam.

We were playing regularly and farming items in m4. Findinf new ways to kill stuff making builds…

Anyways mayhem 2.0 everyone i know. NOw hates the game and finds it boring and left and im alone…

So now im solo…

I tried multiplayer but i cant deal with immune mobs and the randomness of build invalidating modifiers.

So i play alone. Actually i play less now to not even for days.

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Well , I had the game day one and I like to play Co-op with friends or public but 8 times out of 10 my XB1X shuts down and still no fix for this issue , So played more solo then Mayhem 2.0 with the modifiers nonsense came out after a while i got frustrated/bored then just stopped playing for good.

Coop with my best friend + Discord.

Bloodletter Moze & Melee Amara.

Never played with random online players.

farm solo play co op.

every bl game is much more fun in co op but there is a caveat. you need friends not randos. or like minded people. you would not wanna play co op with any ase recursion dude or salvador or double anarchy lilith etc.

best way is to search for buddies on discords and what not.