Do you prefer Solo or Multiplayer? Why?

So yeah just wondering whether you folks prefer solo or multiplayer?

A mix of both?

I dunno…I’m generally a pretty solitary guy…got what was literally my first gaming mic for Battleborn back in in 2016…then it felt like I spent damn near 2 years straight on mic every day with people.

Since then, aside from some coop with my younger brother and some scattered other stuff, I’ve mostly been solo.

In this iteration of Borderlands 2, and the Borderlands 1 PS4 remaster, and probably TPS after this, I only did enough multiplayer for challenges / trophies.

Looking forward to your replies!


I like solo vs multiplayer. Yet there are some bosses in the franchise that are a real challenge to solo so doing a match made session is fine. I also do not mind helping out players who request it. This is a late edit, but where did you find your Animal pic? Love it!:heart_eyes:


I generally prefer solo unless I’m playing with my friends. Most of my hours in BL2 are solo.

Public lobbies in an old game with a lot of exploits and PC mods are a bad idea on PS4 at least, though the level of exploits are less at lower levels. At higher levels it’s all people either using modded weapons, overpowered exploits, or overpowered exploits using modded weapons. Maybe it’s better on PC, dunno.

By the way, the game is incredible co-op, so if you do have some friends that play it, definitely get some co-op going.


Oh back on ps3 I had a thousand hours or more of coop across all the Borderlands titles…I was drinking heavily heavily heavily til about a year and a half ago so I suspect that gas something to do with it.

Micless until Battleborn. So much typing lol.

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Random games is chaotic, but I like it. Borderlands is best enjoyed coop.

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I’m inclined to agree.

I think I’m kind of just enjoying more calmness / alone time in my life right now.

Finally trying to get back in shape and feel better mentally!

Had gotten really uncomfortably heavy these past few years (a loooot heavier than I’m proud of) and had been really super depressed.

7 and ahalf weeks ago, in midst of a terrible, terrible dark day filled with chronic body pain and anxiety, I just decided to haul my Big but out the door and start walking again.

Been doing low impact household exercises too since then

I feel so much better and more positive already, physically and mentally!


Take good care of yourself buddy. We need all the Vault Hunters we could get for 3. :wink:



Preordered Deluxe edition.

Now just gotta get Beefcake!

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wait, you are on PS4 right,

Are you in the community already?

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I’ll join Right now!

Thank you!

Yes, on PS4.

EDIT: I’m in! That was fast!


I prefer solo, but that’s mainly because my time isn’t as free as most other folks. I’ve cooped a few times: powerleveled a guy and helped him get a trophy, only once was I ever in an “onlevel, actually cooperative” session, which was good fun and I would gladly repeat it with folks I know if I could get the scheduling to work out.


I don’t like playing with randoms in any game, and most of my friends play other games, so I’ve ended up solo for most of my career. Nothing against coop itself; just haven’t had much opportunity to actually play with others.


Generally, I’ve done most of the things in this game solo. I have played some co-op a few times and it’s been great fun but those friends have been tourists to Pandora and moved on (like I guess a sane person should after having beat a game for the Nth time).

I don’t play a lot of BL2 these days but I’d jump at co-op (have the FFS DLC halfway done with one such friend who wanted to play it coop). It still offers something fresh (enemies behave less predictably because they aren’t aiming at you all the time and seeing a phaselock appear while not playing Maya is great). So I guess in that sense you could say I prefer co-op although I’ve done very little of it.

There are great many challenge runs like no red text or allegiance runs that I’d gladly run in co-op while they are things I have never and will never embrace while playing solo.


I’m new(er) to BL2 and I started off solo’ing and enjoyed it, but I’ve come to prefer co-op. It’s kinda hit or miss with matchmaking (& it makes me a little sad each time someone steals all the good loot every chance they can :upside_down_face:), but when you find cool people to play with, it’s considerably more fun, and then I usually friend them for future play


I have over the years done both. Here are why I choose each.

  • Multiplayer. I only play multiplayer in PvP games. Arena type games are where it fits my mind to play with others, you’re not interacting with the environment, you’re just shooting the heck out of random people and having a blast. Quake Arena was my favorite for this, particularly with all the mods (I played Excessive mostly). Playing PvP also means it doesn’t matter if you drop in and out fast, or pause, or just mess about. Yes, you have to watch for aimbots and modded weapons, but then you just drop out and find another server.
  • Solo. I play solo in PvE games. First and foremost, it’s an ego thing. I want to find things, or meet a goal, or compete a mission, myself, I want the satisfaction of completion all in my hands. And if that means I can’t do things (like solo Vorac) solo then I just never do.
    Also PvE multiplayer requires a commitment to stay in the session. Can’t just quit, can’t pause too often, can’t simply grab all the gear and go.
    So give me an Arena for multiplayer. For story games, I’ll only play solo.

I like both solo and co-op. But i’m not a big fan of publics.
While it’s fun sometimes to play with random folks, there’s a big chance (especially at high lv) you can cross path with: shamfleeters, pimp/flak+RL abusers (op10 vorac is the only exception after 4-5+ failed attempts), kids who made plus 9999% to every badass rank stat, ninja looters, low level players in lv 80 game, lv 80 players who hop into low lv game, incautious modders… list can go on.

If this post offended someone - muh bad, it’s my personal thoughts. But seriously, these guys annoys me the most.


Most of my hours are solo.

Multi is a blast though! But I’ll only play with people I know, I stay away from public and randoms, I don’t want some kid with some sketchy mod messing with my stuff.


When I first got the game, I did it solo…then I took my Gaige out into the world a few times, and had some okay experiences. One time, a rando just gifted me a level 30 legendary Catalyst and Shockochet Fibber. I of course later learned the truth about those items. But it was still really cool that someone just said “here, baby Gaige, have these toys”. I’ve been a Catalyst ever since.

Then you occasionally opened my game to others. Someone told me to try the community patch. And I did. Then some random person came into my game while I was anarchy farming the sorcerer, and he wouldn’t stop talking about adult content mods in Skyrim. So. I closed my connection and just decided to play solo but with a lot of random mods to just get the most out of playing alone.

But then I made a really cool friend on here, and I play vanilla with them because having someone to share this with makes it feel like you’re actually doing the things. I really am a ridiculously over confident mad woman with a chaos streak bent on just running in and wrecking stuff. Because someone else can see me do this. And react.

I came flying off the hill in Sawtooth Cauldron chucking electric chairs in all directions and my friend was just like “omg what is happening”. It was glorious


That’s one I’ve never understood. It’s a cartoon people, not even a superbly inked cartoon, just a lo-res cartoon. I don’t need to see cartoon characters neeked.

And yeah, stuff like that really makes random lobbies a place I like to stay far away from.


Right? Liiiike. He just kept going. “I’m a southern weed smoking 60 year old gamer”.

Bruh said this five times in ten minutes. I was just like “please, let me sacrifice these crap weapons to the Arby’s Meat Man in peace, please”