Do you run Elemental Missions Durring PT 2?

I think it’s common to skip all side missions during PT 2, leaving them for PT 2.5.

Does anyone do this but still run the elemental missions (Shock Crystal Harvest, Ghosts of the Vault, etc.) for artifacts? Or do you save those for later, as well?


I do them anyway. You can farm any missing relics at end-game from Scar (the Skag that ate TK’s leg).


I don’t run them for the artifacts. Since I play Lilith 99% of the time the relic isn’t that important to me, I don’t use her phase blast tactically.
I will run them for the XP if I’m short a level for the next mission, but in PT 2 I pretty much leave 'em alone.

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No. Scar is an easy farm if you need artifacts at endgame.

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