Do YOU think Benedict is too strong, currently?

@emprdiamond and I have a friend that gets really, reaaaaaaaaaaalllly salty whenever he’s a squishy, against Benedict. It gets to the point where he will leave the party and play another game. It doesn’t matter if you try to reason with him. To an extent, Brian here doesn’t like Benny much either, but I’ve never seen ANYONE get as mad at a character as our friend does. I mean, I think Boldur is the most broken, overpowered character in the history of this game, yet I still don’t get that mad - buuuuuuut, that’s beside the point.

My question is: do YOU think Benedict is overpowered? Benedict mains and Benedict haters, please try and keep your bias to a minimum. PLEASE. I want no part in a balance discussion where opinions are considered facts.

I myself think Benny can be countered. If I were to change something about him (outside those dumpy helix choices that every character has to deal with), it’d be to buff Rocket damage by 5 to 7.5% and reduce duration of Hawkeye by 1 second, to make him a little bit more reliant on his primary attack rather than a homing skill. Heh. Homing skill sounds like an oxymoron.

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No, he is extremely squishy. Easy to shut down. (Of course he is still strong in capable hands but that applies to everyone…)

I still think hawkeye is a stupid skill and wish they gave him something else instead of it.


I’m the greatest. No question.

Benny is far from the greatest and can easily be countered by snipers and ranged characters. He is most effective against melees assuming he can escape their reach. Anyone with a pull can grab him out of the air to let your melees beat the sh*t out of him. He has low shields. If you collapse them and he has no escape plan he’s pretty much f**ked. And he cannot deal crit damage anymore. That said he excels at skirmishing, ranged damage, and single target shield collapse/quick damage strikes. He needs a reload speed booster as part of his gear kit. That is not a suggestion. It is a necessity.

I… am… the… GREATEST… regardless of what ANYONE SAYS!

Yes. Ignore the observations of the magnus and continue to exist in your own little fantasy land where the entire universe revolves around you. Ass.

I would gladly lose this if they’d change it to allow me to crit (rewarding skilled play, and maybe dealing less damage than a regular rocket if you don’t crit to balance it out).


Too many characters shut him down. Even a good Reyna can make it extremely difficult to do his job.


I pray every night that what happened to Dragon will happen to Benedict

It isn’t that he’s too strong, it’s that Hawkeye (and especially the level four additional rockets helix) is just an awful mechanic. It just isn’t fun getting bursted down by tracking that intelligent and powerful and personally I don’t find it very much fun even playing as him and getting those cheap kills. His kit should theoretically be based on skill shots but instead just rewards spam. Whenever I play him (which isn’t often since I feel like a jerk playing a character that can do that much damage with that little skill), I always joke with whoever I’m playing that once I hit level four I don’t have to aim again for the rest of the game. Asking for them to replace the skill entirely probably isn’t unrealistic (although it’s a change I sincerely think would make the game substantially more fun), but they can certainly do something about that level four helix. There should also be some visual indication when you get hawkeyed like there is with Reyna’s priority target. You can rely on teammates to call it out for you but when you aren’t partied up it’s obnoxiously common to see hawkeye on the death recap while Benedict was nowhere near you. In addition to Hawkeye, I’d love to see a change to his ult to function sort of like Marquis where the longer it’s in the air, the more damage it does. If you just run up to somebody and smash it into the ground for an unavoidable rocket in front of you, you probably shouldn’t do much damage but I’d happily let it scale significantly higher if you actually utilize it as intended (which nobody does because the current setup incentives just jamming it into the ground) and keep it in the air to chase down a target. You could even lower the cooldown if that was implemented. He can be countered so it isn’t that he isn’t balanced, but his kit just takes so much skill out of the game and makes any game he’s in less fun imo.

To sum up, my issue with Benedict is:
This and this is just a bad mechanic and this should do more damage than this.


I still have ptsd from when they unnecessarily buffed him for no reason other than to make him more popular… (thank god they reverted it) He’s certainly a strong character in the right hands, as mentioned he can be shut down pretty easily considering his low health and his rather large hit box. Melees have a more difficult time unless they can get him in a area with an overhang or ceiling. Hawkeye is just a massive pain to deal with, as sometimes in the chaos of battle you can hardly tell if your hawkeyed save for the little target over your character portrait but this can go easily unnoticed. also bs like the examples given by @j_kay_13 can screw you over, but he’s squishy damage him enough to force him to run.


The only problem is, hawkeye + aim up = 75% chance of getting a crit. So it’s actually kinda detrimental to skilled play.

Unless we make homing rockets unable to crit… Still, letting his rockets crit would open a can of worms.

Anyhow, I’m seeing what I expected from this thread: Benedict isn’t OP, but Hawkeye is dumb.


I still maintain this position.

That being said, I don’t find him OP so much as cheesy at times.


Toby counters the SH*T out of Benedict with his high damage, and forcefield can be thrown up to stop both hawkeye and his ult, in addition to his regular attacks. :slight_smile:



Hawkeye is such a stealth skill. You have no way to tell if you got hit by it untill you start to see ur hp drop in big chunks!!

Reyna priority target screams in your screan run bstard run! But beni can flank hawkeye and retreat while aimlessly shooting at you.

Yes cover makes his rockets usless, but when you have no idea the you got hawkeyed in first place is dumb!! Worst why there is a helix to increase its dmg in 20%? Holy cow this character indeed is squishy but seriously? You can give him 910 hp through usefull gear like att power/speed with hp and hp+hp.

I dont rly complain about his dmg anymore, i just complain of how dificult is to react to hawkeye if he flanked.


This^. Either you realize that you are getting hit around corners, or your teammates tells you on mic.


Oh, my plan was to remove homing rockets entirely. And change hawkeye to just allowing Benedict to crit. Alternately, have a helix that replaces the homing rocket ability entirely with the ability to crit. Or start out with hawkeye having crit ability only, and then giving you the option to switch it to homing, but with reduced damage and no crits.

Homing + crits together would just make a boring and lazy mechanic worse.

TBH - I give zero f**ks about homing rockets. I would love to see the skill replaced with a damage bonus for crits when activated. Or at least give me a helix option that lets me replace the homing rocket with crits.


Just for everyone. Good benedict will stay safe and spam rockets on wave to get his lvls. When a team fight starts he will look for a squishy who is distracted, who field of vision is on the floor.

Benedict at this moment will run to the fight while recharging, jump in and hawkeye, retreat with his fly so he can reduce the chances of any structure in the way. This is 100% true if he is using his legendary.

The counter play is always know where is benedict, always ping him! Specially when a team fight starts. He wont risk it if he cant get a hawkeye, he will retreat and try to lucky shot anything while jumping ( lor legi) to reduce the cd.


Oh, right, I forgot that I don’t know how to read.


I think I’m the only one fine with Hawkeye rockets lol


Either you realize that you are getting hit around corners, or your teammates tells you on mic.

I think you all are forgetting the very loud and very obvious audio cue.

Before I get on to my point, I just want to list the general ways to avoid Hawkeye.

  • Stand near other target-able entities, get behind terrain, and destroy his rockets.

But my approach to this would to introduce counter play to Hawkeye, instead of just nerfing it.

  • Deande, OM, Pendles, Reyna, and Shaurox already have the ability to hard counter Hawkeye.
  • And I’d say physical shields are basically a hard counter, so now we have Boldur, Galilea, and ISIC on the list too.
  • Personally I’ve added a hard counter to Alani, Kleese, Mellka, Miko, Orendi, and Phoebe in my thread already.

The rest of the cast is a mixed basket. I.E. They don’t have hard counters.

  • Just general buffs. And if that isn’t enough, then Benedict the assassin is just doing his job
    • Ambra, Caldarius, El dragon, KU, and Rath
  • Has so much health/survivability you shouldn’t be afraid of Hawkeye
    • Attikus, Kelvin, Montana, and Ernest (Bomb Suit and Defense Egg makes Hawkeye tickle)
  • It’s kill or be killed. If you can’t kill/punish Benedict before he kills you, then you got outplayed
    • Beatrix, Benedict, Ghalt, Marquis, Thorn, Toby, and WF

Not good enough, as some of us often have our TVs muted.

Also, Toby is SUCH a hard counter to Benedict, that i am seriously doubting the validity of all the other info in your post now. Unless you are a few rockets from death already, there is really no scenario where a Toby of equal skill should EVER be dying to Benedict. To reiterate:


The aoe of benedicts rockets can actually impact kleese’s rifts as well so that’s a potential problem for the Kleese and thus: the Benedict isn’t so trivial as you’re implying

If I recall ernest aoe from grenades pierce boldur’s shield, so it stands to reason Benedict has the same benefit as well

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But that’s not the game’s fault.

Yeah he shoots him out of the the sky, but I meant a literal hard counter to Hawkeye in specific. Which is a cloak. Being cloaked or cloaking 100% deactivates Hawkeye’s tracking, rendering it null. That’s what I meant when I said “add counters” for everyone except Phoebe. She would have a type of soft CC reflect. (I forgot I gave Kleese a hard counter too)

And just to cover my tracks, the “kill or be killed” section doesn’t necessarily mean they’re on equal footing with Benedict, only that they have the kit to prevent Hawkeye from being an issue in the first place.

At least with my Kleese, Benedict would 100% never be a problem. His primary has fall off and more than likely wouldn’t hit my Rifts in the first place. All while he has to survive Overloaded Mortars, Taser, and Quantum Precision if you run that helix.

That is only at a specific angle. Even if one or two make it past, that still means you’re ignoring the other 5 rockets altogether. Which hopefully that bug will be fixed.