Do you think DLC1 is a good template for the remaining DLC?

Asking whether you’d like to see four more like the first one or would you prefer a more traditional story mode with higher levels of command and character rank?

  1. I like the structure of this dlc (map, semi-random objectives)

  2. I don’t like that I need to spend several minutes to look for all the ops point chests in the first area, because of the verticality in this map. (the last area (after you kill those Elite bots) is how it should be, you don’t have to backtrack a lot to find all those chests)

  3. I like the reward system: (we get skins, taunts, commander packs).

  4. But I hate that system too, but only for the commander packs. Why? Because right now - I don’t even want to play the normal missions (I have all the legendaries from those missions), the commander packs have the best possible rewards this game has and on missions you can’t get them, so I’m limited to playing only 1 operation mission till they will release the Toby one… ;/. Already played more than 40 times in ~5 days (my most played mission map is Renegade with 55 and I did that over 5 months).

  5. There are not many enemies to kill. When you finish the mission solo you get like ~120 kills or smth in that range, while on Renegade for example you can get more than 500 kills. I like action.

  6. Do not care about this one, everything is doable here, my bad. One secondary objective in the first area is badly done. The one where you have to kill 5 snipers from the roofs. 4 is doable with every character, because you can get to them with jump pads, but the fift just sits there on the largest building and the only way to kill it - with a range ability. Kelvin for example does not have that. So if you get that objective and you play solo, and you want to get the 100 ops = you will never achieve that. Ambra and El Dragon is in the same situation, they get some range possibilities only at lvl 5 (from their ult), but if you are not lucky enough to get some lvl ups from the chests - you are doomed too.

  7. One possible legendary drop from a boss is… well… too low. Like, really.

  8. Some optional objectives only appear on the lower ops - that’s sad, because if I will never reset the ops points (and I never will), I will never get to experience them anymore.

  9. I understand why they change the color of the world when Attikus starts to talk with someone, but after 10-20-40 times it’s really annoying. I would like an option to switch this off (but I know we will never get this, so oh well ^^ )

  10. I want ops system for the missions ^^.


Sounds about right.

Although, I have managed to kill all 5 snipers with melee. The 2nd 4 sniper subobjective during the defense objective is mean.


Yeah, those are easy first two even jump on the ground or get killed by the turrets, and the other 2 are easily accessible with a jump pad.

I want to be constructive, i really do, but the dlc is a let down, the rewards are rather underwhelming, and the so called “level variations on replay” are limited to say the least. i have never regretted supporting a game and buying the season pass as much as i have than with this game…and i bought the division and no mans sky


I can not express in words how much I want this. I like the template for the new dlc and am looking forward to some options besides just the 1 operation, but I spend most of my time in PvP.

I’d give up further operations in a second for some kind of prestige for the characters.

Wow are you serious? I bought those two and i actually hate them more than battleborn.

In the división enemies have 10 times more hp than rendain; hard 5 man mission, rewards are far worst than battleborn. I found every single pice of lore, got a lot in the dark zone hunting renegades, etc.

No man’s sky was boring, bugged to the point unplayable with random crashes lost of progress. And repetitive worlds with small variations and ugly ships, animals and sometimes all the planet.

In battleborn i can finish the same mission 28 times with atleast two hélix options. I can test gear and some legendaries are a lot of fun, in the new operations, monsters have less hp and deal a lot of dmg, i memorized all chest spawns so my noram op is 100 unless im in public. And PvP is fun when both teams know what they are doing.

But is only my opinion.

You can get all the snipers with meele characters… Unless i have been lucky, i never encounter a sniper i couldnt get close using jumpads. My only problem are the boombots if 1 manage to get close and its hp is low… You cant quick meele them away, it booms and mission is failed :frowning:


Ha, wow, that is saying something.

I too am disappointed and don’t really have constructive things to say. I think it’s too short, I think the difficulty can scale astronomically, I find the black, white and red bits distracting, one new piece of gear is lame, etc.

Supposedly this DLC was already delayed to appeal to more players. So, I think the others will likely follow this formula and that sucks, in my opinion.


I don’t like the scavenger hunt aspect of searching for ops and level ups. If there were enough enemies to level without searching and ops points were just from objectives it would be ok


This is all quite accurate

If you’re this disappointed, stop commenting on the BB forums, stop playing the game and play something else. No matter how much disappointment you display on here, nothing’s gonna change. You’re still going to be disappointed and wishing you bought and supported Overwatch instead which is just as disappointing, believe me, I’ve played it. Just save yourself the disappointment and move on.

It’s good to express opinions on the DLC. Gearbox does listen. The DLC was fun but I was also disappointed. It was expressed as highly replayable. Not for me. It really felt the same everytime I played aside from the dialog. It felt like the normal missions, just shorter.


I might’ve enjoyed the DLC if it was of the same length as the base game missions and if it didn’t use a colourfilter during dialog.


The filter was meant to be a reference to Noir story telling. I didn’t mind it, probably because I played Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and the Spidey Noir levels were filtered like that.

I enjoy the random side objectives, the random enemies that pop up sometimes depending on the side objectives, the rewards.

I dislike vertical collections of the OPs points as stated above, the monochrome filter during Atti’s storytelling, makes it hard to see so I have to wait till he’s done before I continue playing. I enjoy the difficulty spike depending on OPs points, but I hate the damage spike the enemies get that they end up 1-shot killing you. I also hate how short the OPS mission is, I spend more time looking for the OPS Points than I do actually doing the main objectives.


Yeah I know. Useally I love touches like these but as I said in a diffirent topic it is really jarring.
And @Rabid_Explosions makes a very good point about visibility during those noir moments.

I don’t like the ops points chests hunting, players in public will back track the whole map when they realize they are missing an ops point or simply leave in the middle of battle because of the chests around.
Also I would like to see more variety in enemy spawns, similar to the campaign and more enemies so you could level to 10 more easily.
All in all A&TTR is fun and a good start, I like the direction gearbox is going to with the dlcs.

There are other pieces of gear, they were just put in lootpacks as to stop “play to win” doomsayers. One more per faction. So with the 5 from bosses in each Operation, and 5 for each faction, it’s 30 in total. A strong amount. Now, if your coming is that she only drops one, I’d agree, but I understand the reasoning behind their choices, and agree with it as well

This forum is for discussion. Just because an opinion is negative doesn’t mean it’s not part of the discussion


So no negative opinions allowed here?
And Overwatch was randomly brought into the conversation…why exactly?

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