Do you think healing is overpowered?

Heroes are already pretty tanky but healing they seem near impossible to kill. Is there something I’m doing wrong or delusional?


Teams with healers can still be beaten by teams without them, therefore not OP in my opinion.


Yes skill level makes a difference and nobody is denying that having a healer is a way to help your team win but at the same time if your team did not pick a support character then they put themselves at a disadvantage and it is not the game mechanics fault in my opinion.


Everything is OP! Nerf all the things! :stuck_out_tongue:


The general strategy in almost every game is to kill the healer first. Otherwise, he’ll be healing the other players while you attack them resulting in less damage being done.

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Far from the truth. Given competent players on both sides the team with a healer (particularly Miko) has a significant advantage.


But if a team hasnt chose a healer then they deserve the lose for bad team setup! You should take a healer and a support in your team.

Fair enough. To be honest I always play healers so wouldn’t know what it’s like not to have one.

I have been beaten by teams without one though.

Always focus healers and there is no issue, when you dont and or cant your in for a lot of trouble. it kills me in pubs when everyone be focusing a tank being healed and just getting rekt constantly.

We just need more support characters. :frowning:


the’re coming :slight_smile:

Yea… Maybe a month from now when you’ve already shelved the game

The health pools are intentionally large to begin with. Battleborn isn’t a twitch shooter, so strategy and coordination really matters.

Definitely, if a teams with a competent healer is going up against one without one, they are at an advantage. However not having a support opens up a slot for an extra dps/controller, so it’s still possible fr both teams to win.

In cases like that, communication is paramount. Nothing worse than all your team attacking different opponents, while they focus you down one by one. Even if you’re in a group with ransoms and no mics, you can press your right stick (on consoles) to mark enemies. I find most people generally respond well and will actually start focusing their fire

Healing overpowered ? I don’t think so.
Miko overpowered ? yes, oh god yes.

Why ? Because infinite amount of healing without any cooldown.
Every single time I see a miko in the enemy team I know the match will be boring.

So kill the miko? They die really quickly.


Miko can only carry a team up till players reach level five. When ultimates come into play it should be easy enough to deal with a Miko. Don’t forget that a Miko doing it’s job has barely any damage output.


And if you are trying to kill them early in the game, you just end up helping the other team level. Harass them if you can, but don’t give up easy kills.

Yeah sure, kill a miko when there is a galilea in front of it shielding it from any damage.
And if it’s not galilea, any tanky character in front of it can protect it pretty well.

And come on it’s not like miko can’t heal itself and doesn’t have one of the most easy stun of the game.

Like that’s a problem.

Ambra’s heal is still too strong. She was draining my character while me and 2 other teammates attacked her and she still killed me and escaped no problem. A heal that hurts the enemy should never do more damage than a direct attack from a non healing hero.

It’s a factor

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