Do you think Iron Bear will play like Titanfall?

Personally, I think that Moze is the least interesting out of the four PCs. When I saw her mech, I naturally thought what many people thought: “Why are they bringing Titanfall to Borderlands?” So, I looked around and found out that the size of Iron Bear isn’t like Titanfall & is more like the Lost Legion mechs (Most notably Flame Knuckle), so that it can fit into (most?) buildings. But the bigger question is how much Gearbox is going to differentiate the Bot Jocks bot from the Titans when it comes to handling. I know that when a player jumps on the mechs back, there is a weapon they can use unlike in Titanfall where a friendly uses their own weapons, but until gameplay with Moze pops up, I don’t see many differences between the two.

I wanted to see how other people thought about this whole debacle and if we can think of some differences that are possible together.

I have a strong gut feeling that Moze may actually be one of the most unique playable characters and we just don’t know it yet. Why? Because Gearbox decided to hold her back until E3 with FL4K. Amara and Zane play somewhat similar to VH’s from previous games. FL4K we know is extremely unique. So I’m guessing that Moze will also have a bunch of tricks up her sleeve that we just don’t know about yet.

I think a lot of people are thinking she looks boring because so far Gearbox has decided not to show much of her and these people think that’s because Moze doesn’t have much to offer. I think it’s the opposite. They’re holding back… E3 should be interesting.


Well one difference is Moze digistructs it, so no falling from the sky and getting in, it just constructs around her.

Also, the possiblity of Class mods having greater effect on Action Skills has been brought up as well, perhaps altering them in a more significant way than just adding levels to skills. I really hope that doesn’t just end up as speculation because if true Iron Bear could end up being different in a tonne of ways from that alone.

As Faux_Pirate said they have the feeling ‘Moze may actually be one of the most unique playable characters and we just don’t know it yet.’ Gearbox has stated that there is minor differences in the characters skills and things beyond what there was in BL2. Zane having up to two action skills slotted at once is his unique difference I believe, where as Amara is the closest to ‘normal’ BL2 skill trees.
Flak I believe will have something unique to do with his pets
But Moze…? We don’t know. Hopefully something badass. Something I just thought of, perhaps the weapons of the Iron Bear are based on what she has equipped at the time of Digistruction? Crazy speculation there but that just points out we don’t know enough and the possibilities are wide open.

Late response but I think that Moze will have her primary Action Skill, the Iron Bear, and can customize each of it’s weapons separately and will be able to add an element to her Action Skill.

Well I’ve never played Titanfall so for me, it’ll just play like iron Bear…


Her mech reminds me of Gaige’s mech, Deathtrap. The difference is that her mech can be pilotted by either Moze or another VH.

No, actually. Only Moze can pilot Iron Bear.
Any other VH on Iron Bear is either clinging to the back like a particularly lethal monkey, or parked in the Dakka Bear provided machine gun turret.

Yes you are right. I had it wrong. I stand corrected.

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I haven’t heard a single person say that…

From what I seen it’s not at all like titanfall more like Gunzerkering with mech only weapons

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Sounds about right. Never played Sal myself, but watching gameplay on Youtube with him is always funky. Hilarious to watch bosses and badasses practically vaporize in front of a guy who might be 3’6" tops, before counting his hair.

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