Do you think Pearlescents will be added?

Claptrap’s DLC Campaign might introduce them, as they did with the Secret Armory of General Knoxx, but the question is, will they? If anyone has any known info on this, then that would be appreciated. Also I highly doubt there will be another level increase as Gearbox is rather picky about not wanting people to get the last skill in all 3 skill trees.

I highly doubt that they would add any additional rarity. Not again, cause it could be problematical to tell between moonstones and pearls.They did that with purple equipment and eridium and for me, it wasn’t always easy with such stuff like eridium/purples or seraph crystals/equipment.

Well, storage upgrades till have Seraph and Pearlescent versions. And the fact that they could add a rarity to replace Pearlescent is debatable.

Sure it is, but what color to display? Red? Dark Green? Pink like borderlands 2 's eridium weapons?

Red would be pretty awesome I’d have to admit

Yeah red could be great. But some dark red to differ from medics. In future borderlands games, medics could get shown as medikits of white.

How about Black?

I love new items and they’ll most likely add new ones with the campaign DLC but I doubt that they’ll add Pearlescents. I never understood why there are Pearlescent and Seraph items. They could easily be added to the standard unique and legendary item pool.

Black is to, you know, black to get seen properly. I would like it though.

With the ammount of black lines would be really difficult to see :stuck_out_tongue:

I am so sick of coming up with new na- er colors, I’ll just call them bonerfa- I mean how about rainbow? Yeah, not by a long shot… Maybe a light with multiple colors on it or something.

I hope so. I love new gear.

I hope so, we have such a while before borderlands 3, I personally and just burned out on 2, and slowly getting there on tps. New loot and one or two origins of seraph bosses might be interesting to grind for crystals.

I hope they will add pearls but IIRC I read that they wouldn’t be adding them this time around (this was back before it was released, I think it was in an interview during a playtest of one the characters and they were “Umm… no”)

Ya pearls would be nice, more coms to choose from , extra legendary ones.