Do you think support classes should exist in BB?

So from what I’ve been reading on different forums pretty much since BB was released, it seems that the vast majority of people never use support type characters and of those people there’s another subsection that doesn’t even think they should exist in this game.

I think the fact that cries for every support class to be nerfed are quickly answered but the fact that everyone knows that Wrath’s ult is waaaay op but has yet to get nerfed gives that idea that maybe the devs lean in that general direction as well.

I actually like playing support characters but if they’re going to be nerfed left, right and center I’d rather just jump on the melee bandwagon with everyone else than continue to try to play hobbled support characters.

Tl;dr: do you think support characters should exist in this game?

Most definitely support should exist. In a game where teamwork is key, they are the ultimate team players. Ambra is my main and Reyna and Alani (even nerfed) can bring a lot to the table. Its easy to make a powerful character then nerf it to bring balance to the game, so i don’t think that’s why it appears the devs are nerfing support. They do listen to us and make changes accordingly. Heck Gali got nerfed and for good reason: her damage output and cc were to high. As for rath his ult is devestating but imo is kinda fitting as he is a rather agressive character.


Absolutely they should exist, I don’t know why anybody would think otherwise. A good support can be the difference between a win or a loss. I’m pretty sure its like this in every MOBA(I’m not sure I’ve never actually played any other MOBA type games). This game is about team work and having an unselfish support on your team is one of the biggest pieces of great teamwork


Supports should 100% be in this game. All of the supports are really good in fact. The Alani nerf was completely justified, however. She is very difficult to hit, has a decent health pool, can heal herself, and has one of the best control effects in the game. Her damage output before the nerf was absurd. She could pretty much lock down a lane by herself in games of Meltdown, while getting player kills and doing spot healing.

As for Rath’s ultimate, it is not OP, but the combo is very good. There is nothing wrong with that. There should be skill combinations that are good in any MOBA.


People would sooner complain about the healer than kill them.


How valid are support classes, if only a handful of players (including
myself into the exception) enjoys playing them? Face it, almost everyone wants to be top damage, because that’s E-Penis. Just as in real life, who would pick nurse over top-dollar manager as his occupation…? Also I can’t heal with Miko, while getting pummeled by enemies, and some damage dealer/tankers do not care looking after the healer either. In that case I am forced to look after myself. Happened often, sadly. If you want to get healed, keep your healer clear.

Apart from that, Miko and Reyna belong to my most favourite characters. Haven’t played much with Kleese, but he also seems to be fun.


I actually find it pretty funny, because it seems that there is literally NO majority on this forum. Not once have I ever seen such a large percentage of players and members of the forum agree other than maybe that Galilea was OP.

I also have yet to see someone believe supports shouldn’t exist in this team-style game. Miko is the only support left that still has multiple criers for a nerf, and even then they aren’t justified and more so people not knowing how to combat Miko.

Rath*, has a powerful ult, but that doesn’t make him OP and his ult doesn’t need a nerf, even if a decent amount of peiple think so. Very few characters actually do get single handedly obliterated by him.

Lastly, further expanding on how I think there’s no majority, you claim there’s a melee bandwagon yet there are many threads saying melees are under powered.

I’d love to play support most of the time. Healer is what I’ve always played. Reyna happens to be my fave too.

My only gripe with playing support is randoms. I don’t think I need to elaborate.

I’m only playing support with people I know from now on. I’m too young to get gray hairs.

But I doubt only a handful of players would want to play support.

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They’re so important for this game it is unreal.

People who complain a certain support is OP just comes from the fact they haven’t built their team comp very well. You know like when people pick two gun assassins, a melee, a tank and a support. Then think they have the finish damage to actually kill someone.

Or people who insist on killing the Montana first when damaging him only means the miko can heal himself.

I think more so they need to add anti healing to some of the melee’s.

Yes, I like playing support and I like playing with support characters.

However, I do think when Oscar Mike is the one with the most revives even in a game with an Alani, a Reyna, or a Miko, they’ve over-nerfed the healers.

Oscar Mike is the only one who has a “hide” skill, is fast enough to get around the map in time, and isn’t so squishy that he gets killed every time he stops to revive someone.

Alani and Reyna are too slow and Miko is too squishy. Currently, the best strategy I’ve seen for the most difficult PvE maps is to skip the healer and bring in a Mike. I don’t like this, but I had to get rid of my Transducer due to over-nerfing, too.

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I main Reyna a a healer. A well played support can make any team stronger. I have never had anyone complain about someone playing a support.

Note; Playing as a support in Incursion is much better than Capture or Meltdown. Much more useful. The game forces your teammates to stay with you because there really isn’t anywhere else they can go! Yay!

Playing as support makes me feel like a kindergarten teacher. Especially when playing as Ambra. The person who wrote her dialogue knows.


Deande has a “hide” skill with a built in decoy.

Why not bring Mike AND a healer? I play supports almost exclusively in PvE, especially Alani. The only support I haven’t had as much success with on the harder stages (Saboteur, Heliophage) is Ambra. As long as your teammates are competent enough, you shouldn’t have any problem playing as a support.

Edit: Oh, and I wouldn’t worry about supports not being able to revive people as well as OM; supports are fairly squishy, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t last as long as OM while being pelted by a hundred bullets. That being said, I have sometimes gotten more revives on stages (not Heliophage) than other non-support characters.

If you notice, Galilea, El Dragon, and Isic all received heavy nerfs—and they’re not supports. I just think GB didn’t know how to create healers with combat skills in this game. Miko is classified as Combat, Ambra as Versatile, and Alani was advertised as a warrior healer. Kleese and Reyna are not healers; they are shielders. I believe they underestimated the impact that healing has in a game like this.

@steven_langer: I didn’t mean to say OM was the only BB with a hide skill. He was the only one of the supports that I mentioned.

@Yellow: support doesn’t mean specifically healer, though I was specifically referring to Oscar Mike in relation to healers. Just because a character doesn’t have a specific heal skill doesn’t mean they aren’t support. In truth, Oscar Mike can be played as support very well.

Though we do sometimes bring both OM and a healer, we’ve done better without the healers lately.

I know that.

A support, in this game, is a character who “heals”, whether that be through actual healing or through shielding. If OM can be classified as support than any character with CC or cloaking can be a support as well, which is practically every character. Just because you can spec a Support character to be aggressive doesn’t mean it’s an Attacker.

Could just be your playstyle. Nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:

What?! Where have people been saying this? I’ve seen nothing except massive support for the support characters. I mean sure, Alani and Miko have taken a beating because they’ve needed adjustments, but they’re essential given the massive respawn times and not everybody wants to just run around slashing and gunning. I agree that Rath not getting a nerf on his knockup/Ult combo is disappointing, but it can be countered and Rath is fairly squishy. The healers were vastly superior given their high damage output potentials and their ability to heal themselves and allies rapidly.

Characters like Reyna and Ambra are very good support without being completely invincible or having crazy damage outputs. Balancing is extremely difficult especially given how easily people tend to get upset about a character given one or two bad matches.

I wasn’t and am not arguing this point. The OP didn’t specify and I haven’t read anything stating the official definition of “support” in BB, so I fell back on my military training and designations. My apologies if I’ve missed some widely understood gamer jargon and derailed someone’s thread with my poor understanding.

@Elaura good point. I don’t know of any assigned definition for support.

I’ve always felt like everyone is combat first. Support second. Hell even as Marquis I have resorted to melee when our team gets surrounded. Reyna can pump out pretty good damage and I even had one wily SoB playing as Miko outgun the whole team on Renegade. I gotta find that person and email them a beer.