Do you think the devs are unhappy and disgruntled?

I heard rumors about GBX devs not being happy there, but I’ve always kind of disregarded it, but now I am starting to think maybe there is some truth to them?

Either a complete lack of motivation , morale, or, if the mods will allow me just a BIT of leeway here, intentional sabotage of the game? Yes I know its tin foil-hat territory but given the state of the game, for such a high profile AAA title, it does get you thinking maybe there is more going on here that a developer who is just in over their head and lost control of their game a long time ago…

Open to having an honest discussion


I honestly believe this at this point. The way its been handled is gross incompetence.

I read a article thry were denied bonuses n they can leave. Constant bad patches since. Bad direction.

Its been a bad ezperience for mayhem 2.0

Im.not happy. Someone has to be sabotaving this game… Always breaking something every week?

Loook more new increased insane bugs

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Also borderlands itaelf has generated over 1 billion ins revenue.

I feel like i regret ever purchasing borderlands 3 and ifni knew id had spent my money elsewhere… I got attached to it pre mayhem 2.0 with mayhem 4… I loved the game and was hopeful for good changes in talent trees new gear etc…

Theres like no player to dev feedback or communication here. Its scary.

Maybe they base the game the same way I base my life

Alcohol and bad decisions

Seeing how a former voice actor were labelled by Randy Pitchford as a 'disgruntled employee with , i do think that is a possibility. But to be rouge and sabotage a game at the cost of the enjoyment of people who paid premium price for a game expecting (with Jim Sterling’s voice) TrIpLe-A quality, seems to be immoral? Why not just approach a reputable journalist, pundits, or even a content creator and expose anonymously what the hell is goong on behind the scenes. I’d be not suprised in the future if there’s gonna be a wave of Youtube videos with the title “What went wrong with Borderlands 3”

I would imagine that most employees are probably disengaged/disgruntled/etc. Especially with all the other insanity happening this year. It’s easy to see how employees may not give a crap about a video game - especially if they’re not getting $$ they thought they were getting.

I know I would be mentally checked out

This kind of speculation is not what this place is for.