Do you think they'll increase the bank limit?

With all this loot coming up with the new dlc and with the buffs that we’ve got over the course of the past few months do you think we’ll get a bank increase?

I really need a bank increase even now and the dummy characters are not really a comfortable solution. A 100-200 increase would be so nice to have.


100% with this , should be very big , i don’t even keep more than 1 of each item i find and i run out of space in no time …


Fingers crossed.

Same here. They could easily double it and make life easier for a lot of players. Not sure why they opted for such a small bank, but increasing it has been a common request since day 1.
Fingers crossed.

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I could use another 100.


I wouldn’t want an increase in bank size unless it also came with:

  • A search bar
  • Filters (manufacturer, anointment, element, item type, etc.)
  • Tabs (e.g. per character storage)
  • Remember new/favorite/trash status
  • More sort options (e.g. sort by base item name instead of prefix)
  • Sell items directly from bank

The bank is a horrendous in its current state.


Wait , so you would screw over everyone wanting more bank space , just because they won’t add those QoL to it ?? :crazy_face:

While the bank is the worst one of all the games i play , more space is more space , the less amount of work required , the higher chance of it happening no ??

Your reply basically says to gearbox : no extra bank space unless you upgrade your bank system to something worthy … you could already guess what they would answer back … “fine no extra bank space” crosses extra bank space off the to-do list

Edit: im all in for what you listed btw , would make a decent basic bank system for bl3 , at least :wink:


Would be nice if we had either more wall slots or a dedicated gun rack for our characters that wasn’t shared. We could then free up shared vault space by keeping character specific gear in that, rather than in the vault.

For instance, keeping all the amara anointed gear with amara(s), or all the FL4K anointed gear with the FL4K(s)


I’d love an umbrella bin full with random weapons from my character it’d be so weird and wacky.

Jokes aside, I remember tps with the very small cross character bank and the bigger personal bank each character had. I like that the cross character bank we have now is so big, but it’s still not big enough since this game has a colossal number of items I want and so many variations.

A personal bank or/and a bank increase and more item slots (though I don’t think they could fill in the wall but heck I’d even put guns under my bed if possible) could easily solve the problem, provided that it’s big enough as well.

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I was talking to a software engineer who makes games, who also played bl3. His theory is that the gear in this game is horrendously optimized at all times, and the biggest culprit is that all of the weapons are all loaded into the map regardless if you’re using them or not.

This is why the gear menu on console is so ungodly laggy, because the game is generating 50 weapons each time you open it.

This is just a theory, though. Regardless, this game’s code is undoubtedly a mess. The reason the bank cap is so low is because the game simply can’t handle more, on console at least. Maybe on PC they could have the option to increase it, though.

As for a temporary solution that worked for me, I made a second Xbox live account, so that I can have a bunch of characters to hold my gear via splitscreen. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s useful to hold all the gear that’s rare/interesting without ever being useful enough for me to want to pull out of my bank.


Damn, that was my biggest fear, because it’s stuff like this that prevent them from giving us a bigger bank space even if they want to. Still though, I’m sure if they really put their mind into it they can find a solution about the bank. After all, sancuarry is not a big map so a few hundreds of more guns might (I don’t know) not overload the system.

To respond to the OP - no. I don’t think we will get extra bank space. I think the 400 slots we have is already pushing the performance capabilities of consoles.

So would I like more bank space, yes. Do I think we will get it? No. My guess is that they already are bumping console performance limits. You have to remember that BL3 appears extremely poorly optimized for all the platforms on which it runs.


If you want extra storage just create a new character at level 13 sell some loot from safe to increase backpack and use it to store designated items, repeat as required.


Yeah, any more and I’m gonna need a load screen to get into mah bank.

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It’s not necessarily a matter of bad optimisation on the items themselves, it’ll be however the engine dictates the assets are loaded. Sometimes assets are just expensive. Video games work in spite of the technology used, mostly. People like to talk about the devs and how they code, but especially compared to software (though boy do I have tales from enterprise software), video games are a miracle of existence in the first place.

There are some horror stories of the Battlefield games (generally critically-acclaimed for the most part, work well, play well) from UI developers that worked on the Frostbite engine. It’s inherent to the industry, because technical debt accrues at a ridiculously fast rate, job turnover is high (so knowledge transfer is often impossible, especially over time). It’s not specifically a Gearbox thing. As I understand it, they were new to UE4 (this is on UE4, I think?) for this project which could also impact what was possible with the time they had.

400 items on one page is a lot for any system rendering complex objects. On lower-end systems, BL3 struggles dropping that much real-world loot. And that’s without the context of the weapon panel, and / or anything else rendered in the scene. The real problem is that they’re displaying all the items in the bank presumably at the same time. It needs some kind of pagination. We can dream, right? :smiley:


Not only that, but this gearbox team is largely different from the teams who made each other game (job turnover, as you say), and made some different priorities for gameplay. You look at the backpack in any previous borderlands and you’ll see that they display less. Borderlands 1 in particular, just used a list of names and only loaded the info and image if you highlighted an item. Compare that to borderlands 3, where every item is displayed and seems to be reloaded as you scroll through (which led to in-menu loading times for players when the game was new), plus an image of your characters which not only move and display exact customisations, but also changes a lot based on equipped gear.
gearbox have focused on pretty skin rather than working muscles or meat on the bones, in many places, and it causes problems.

As far as the bank goes, I’d prefer a simplified list with a decent system for sorting and searching, and then display the item info and appearance only if I select it.


I actually wouldn’t mind that for the bank at this point. Just an icon (the same that shows at the end of loot beams) for the type of gear, and its name, and only load up the image and info if you select it. Would make scrolling through 400 items much easier.

It’s funny actually, in the BL1 Enhanced edition, they moved away from just icons and text and went for the BL2/BL3 look and I hate it heh. Makes scrolling through the much larger backpack space in BL1 something of a chore.

Plain text doesn’t look as purty and it kinda gives the game a 1995 RPG look but I don’t even care at this point. :clown_face:


@Rumplebunny I am not sure that I recall noticing the difference in the menus between vanilla BL1 and the Remastered BL1. Now that you mention it I see it, but I don’t think I ever actually thought about it. LOL

Lol, I’m pretty confident that that is what he told me. I know very little about programming, so I just tried to explain what I thought he said. Thank you for the more detailed explanation!

Also, I could be wrong, but I heard rumors that the game was made on a different engine, but then for whatever reason they had to scrap it all and use a new engine. Having to use a new engine and all the technical debt may explain why Gearbox seems incapable of programming anything recently.

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