Do you think they'll increase the bank limit?

You -COULD if you want- use Cheat Engine, unlimited bag, case solved (except if you play in coop with friends then no luck for you).

i dont really think so…

Half the reason I dont play anymore is because my bank and inventory are always full and Im sick of picking between what I want to keep and trash.

Although I have tons of SNTNL Cryo anointed gear (that is currently useless) I dont want to trash them in hopes that Gearbox might fix Zane one day and I may choose to play again …


Just create a new character at level 13 max out the backpack and use it for storage, a new character for each weapon type


Well I guess with the massive drop in the loot drop rate we do not really need that anymore… :wink:


If they give individual banks as well as the shared bank it would fix a lot of problems. I personally would love to have space enough to put at least one of each red text item plus a 100 more or so for individual banks