Do you use her Legendary?

The healing effect seems pretty slight, and 1800 crystals could go into buildables and expedite reaching that all-important Level 4, which is a much more reliable source of healing. Personally, I wasn’t excited for the 6% healing and cooldown bonuses either - I usually gear aggressively to compensate for her weaknesses. But that’s a matter of preference.

At the same time, I feel like I ought to use the legendary just to be the best support I possibly can be… What does everyone else think?

Her legendary is absolutely amazing and is a must use. The healing becomes pretty significant of you choose the right helix choices. The AoE plasma rifle helix choice and the plama rifle damage helix choice both increase healing done

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I’ll use it if I plan to skip her burst health at level 4 and instead go for the extra 16% damage. It depends on team composition.

I use it always. It’s just too good not to use. No other item adds that kind of utility to your kit.

I don’t really like the +damage overshield helix choice. The heal is just too important and I find that the shield rarely stays on my big damage dealer for its duration most of the time, someone shoots it off. Maybe I’d use it if I already had a miko on the team, but in that case I’d rather just not use reyna.

It also hurts Reyna for some reason(the aoe)

I don’t know if my teammate used the legendary or not, but we were going against the best miko I’ve ever faced, he saved so many people, and he had the same amount of healing as our Reyna. Reyna should be the best support she can be, I think. She can be a theoretical miko that also gives shields, she’s just not as consistent as him since her heals are periodic.

That’s because Reynas damage potential can be a massive threat. People seem to ignore her damage output. For somebody that can heal for so much, she can do a lot of damage.

And depending on the team comp I believe her Right H1 is better.
Reyna isn’t meant to be the main healer imho. shes a character to pick if you have a miko or alani on your team, a secondary healer. Thus building her damage is MUUUUCH better.

Well, I gotta say, of all the healers, her own dps is the lowest. Well, ambras is lower but with a 0% chance to miss. But her ability to increase everyone’s damage by 16-48% (everyones damage on one target by 16 to 32%, shieldbooster for another 16 against everyone, not sure if huddle up’s shieldboosters give the damage bonus too though, but that shield booster damage buff would take the place of heals unfortunately) is extremely powerful, giving her team a lot more dps, making it worth it compared to her base dps, which at close range honestly isn’t too bad, but medium theres damage falloff by like 50%

On top of this if you are hurt you can shoot the ground around you and have your plama heal you the splash damage, your overshield will go out but it’ll give you the heals while you hide around the corner.

I don’t like her legendary. Haven’t got it yet, but I’ve seen the stats. When I first picked her up, I figured that I’d gear for as much cooldown and healing as possible and run pure support. At a max stat 7% cooldown, her overshield skill goes from a 14 sec cooldown to a 13 sec cooldown. At max stat 14% heal power, her level 4 250 heal helix is buffed up to a heal of 285. I don’t see cooldown or heal power gear to be of any use at all with such little buffs. At the moment I use a 0 cost shard generator, with two epic’s that together give me just over 11 health per second, 5.6% damage reduc, and 5.4% attack damage. Between the overshied skill that can restore shields and health, and decent health regen, I become nigh unkillable :acmaffirmative: