Do you use Weapon Skin?

I don’t really use weapon skin. I only did once…

And it’s rather convoluted to pick one, hover the weapon, F to inspect, X to change skin, finally pick one… and the effect is so minor…

But I am curious what you guys do or think about them?

Nah, I never use weapon skins in the game.

Deep Nebula weapon skin. Legendary. I put it on Blue and above weapons. It’s awesome.

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No, I like the original skin, mostly legendary unique skin, more than the weapon skins. They are not really good IMO. They should have added an option to add your own skin to the game that also works in multiplayer.

I guess… now that I payed attention, hovering the weapon and quickly typing FX, aint that hard ^^

Skin dont work in multiplayer?! :open_mouth:

Easy to apply skins but I find they make my game have an fps spike or something laggs when I change gun. I take the skins of and I have no lag. Plus I like the skins on the base guns design.

Most of the ones I have right now are so bland that I ignore them. I use the Moxxi one though because whoa momma it’s Moxxi.

I thought we were going to be able to use the skins on some of the Oranges because those have cool patterns.

I wish I could use the BL2 army green skin for Flakker because the new one looks like ass.

I like putting the gold one on my Legendaries. It’s not as bad a gold effect as I thought it would be, I like it.

I paint my character skins and use weapon skins and trinkets.

I tried, they are awful.

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Deep Nebula is my favourite followed by Leather and Regret.


Yes, for favorite guns. There’s one that makes the gun have a damscus steel+wood finish, and it is absolutely goddamn amazing on pretty much any gun I put it on.
There’s other cool ones too, I the black and red one, the blue-orange iridescent one…

I wish they dropped a bit more. I still only have around 8 or 9, after around 150 hours played. And even I do find one, it’s often a dupe. Maybe I should sift through the ground trash more carefully.

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on some favorite guns.
For example I like the gold skin on Jakobs Revolvers or the black/white skin on some guns.
Depends on the mood i guess.

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Yep. When I have multiples of the same gun item in a loadout for various reasons I put a weapon skin on one so it’s easy to tell which one I’m holding.

Occasionally I’ll also put a skin on something with a horrendously garishly coloured skin just so it’s not distracting.


In co op the pop up display lags when swapping weapons…

So I have my elemental weapons colored to match, electric smg is blue, fire pistol red, radiation AR is dandelion.

Otherwise weapon skins are useless really.

Once I stop changing my weapon avery 5 minutes I usually take the time to customize their looks yeah…BL3 has some awesome weapon skins

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i use them for some of the ugly guns but not really. I also never use trinkets because of horrible menu lag

FAV skins, deep nebula and psychodelic

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It occurs to me, that I might give all a warning. There is a skin that makes your gun look like a giant turd.

I. Am. Not. Kidding.

It’s called “It’s Poop” and I don’t know WHY it’s a skin.