Do you wanna see a hyperion slaughter/Proving Ground added?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Should have been added with Handsome Jackpot DLC.

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The lack of that kind of content in DLC is very disappointing. The same is for any Raid Bosses.


very true. if the hammerlock DLC doesn’t have a lovecraft slaughter with the new enemies or a raid boss its not gonna be really good in the long run.

I want them to fix the slaughter content we have now. There is always an enemy that gets stuck somewhere and you can’t finish. It’s the only content I don’t play.


i agree. they stated these will be their end content yet they did not polish them accordingly.
i liked bl2 slaughters with the music and they announcer talking. it was more alive. if they incorporated the fixes it needs and added oomph i think they would work.

on a side note, hell give us a radio on our echo like fallout lol would love that. play some digby

I think that they could add it to the casino maps if they wanted, even at this point.

Room for:

  • slaughter
  • proving ground
  • takedown
  • raid boss

My answer to this sort of, ‘do I want to see x content added’ is almost invariably yes… even if I wouldn’t like it, someone else might.

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What I’d like is for them to actually fix the rewards for PG to make them worth playing. Just yesterday I ran two of them and didn’t even get a single legendary in either chest on Mayhem 3. It’s ridiculous and I don’t get it.

Meanwhile I can farm a boss, which is 100x more boring, and get 5 legendaries per minute.

I often get Legendaries in Proving Grounds M4. Sometimes I like what I get but in most cases I don’t.

I wish the rewards could had been better. I play PG mostly now to troll random people lol.

on M4 i believe u can walk away with 2+ legends.
but i agree in the whole… it not feeling rewarding.

they should have 3 chests that lootxplode with 6+ weapons each, cash, eridium.

and the music need to get some jams. in bl2 in the slaughters with the anouncer were some of the best moments.

jackpot dlc had some of the best mobbing in the game! a circle of slaughter wouldve been perfect :c

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I would love a Hyperion PG and Slaughter…

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