Doc mercy dropping infinty pistol on normal mode

can doc mercy drop an infinty pistol on normal mode

i got one before the UVHM bugged drop rate patch on normal mode, so id say yes.

Should be able to drop on any mode. Might take a few tries, though!

I actually got one (level 8) on my first playthrough, he totally drops it.

It was bugged for awhile but has been fixed as far as I know

As has been mentioned before, he drops it in any mode as intended. Ironically, Normal was the only one that wasn’t ever bugged (which made certain rumors only more persistent).

I can absolutely confirm that it has been patched up.

Decided to take a run at him while doing “One Van Leaves” in the dust as well as “Blue Sparks” in Horns. Almost ignored the drop, were it not for the fact that it practically rolled down the steps.

Whenever im in valley i allways take the time to kill him. Ive had 3 drop in a month but thats not targeting him. 2 in uvhm and 1 in normal.
Also my nephew farmed him for couple of hours and had two drop in normal.
All the normals were lvl 7 - 9