Docked Ship Launch Menu Improvement Suggestions

Greetings Forum Dwellers!

Today I would like to direct attention to the Launch Menu, and share my opinion on a few features that I feel would greatly improve it’s usability.

  1. Double Click Selection:
    I think we can all agree that double clicking to select all units of the same type in the middle of a fight is an invaluable asset; you can redirect a large number of like forces almost instantly.
    I feel that being able to do this in a launch menu would be just as useful, because sometimes I want to launch 30 interceptors while keeping those bombers nice and safe inside the mothership, and doing this quickly with the current clicking all 30 interceptors manually is just not efficient.

  2. Control Group Designation in Launch Manager:
    If we were able to select ships in the launch menu and designate them to a new/existing control group without having to launch them first that would further improve user control. Of course you can launch first, designate, then tell them to dock, but that is tedious (especially if you are keeping freshly manufactured ships docked in the heat of a battle to get them to effective numbers before kicking them out the airlock)

  3. Ordering Ships by Type:
    I recall reading this somewhere else, but having the ships order themselves in the launch menu by type would just make things more organised, a lot of ships share similar hull designs amongst the same class, and it’s not the best trying to sort through the randomly mixed jelly bean bag of corvettes.

  4. HUD + Hotkey Shortcut to Launch Selected Ships:
    Put simply if I select say control group 1, and some ships are in the air while others are docked, it’d be great to just hit the 1 key to select them all then hit another key/or click an action button in the bottom right to tell all docked ships in that group to launch.

  5. BUG - Multiple Columns
    Much like the faction badge selection, I am aware that this is a bug and that Gearbox are aware of it (BitVenom posted in another topic that he wanted to fix it before the universe overheated and/or he goes insane or something :laughing: ), so I eagerly await this patch.

Any other suggestions? Is something I meantioned already implemented? Please let me know!


Great suggestions.

A recommendation I would make is to bring back Homeworld/Cataclysm textual list of ships with corresponding numbers for both bandbox selection and Launch Manager. The current system references ships using small pictures/diagrams of their hulls which sometimes isn’t visually distinctive enough (and too much clutter) for specific unit highlighting when selecting multiple different ships.

At a glance, the textual list was more efficient e.g.

  • 5 x Interceptor
  • 3 x Scout
  • 7 x Defender

I would suggest the list could complement the current system (no need to replace) as the health bars of unit selection in HW2 are useful for micromanaging the survival of squadrons and individual ships.


^^^ this

The original homeworld text list system had the advantage of being able to easily manage groups of ships by class, a luxury we do not possess with the current homeworld 2 interface.

If we can get some form of control like this with the current UI (first suggestion in the OP is a start), it would make the interface much much better.

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