Docking and Launching Issues - BSG Fleet Commander

Hey gang, need some help. Trying to get Pegasus to do her dock thing with all the little bitty strikecraft and am running into a brick wall. Here’s what I’ve got, can you help me figure out what I’m missing?

DAE and SHIP if anyone would be so kind as to take a look:

You don’t have a viper dock path, but it is specified in the ship file. That shouldn’t cause any issues though. What exactly is the problem?

I changed the vipers to dockfamily fighter for testing purposes, to verify they can dock with the kus mothership, but they stil won’t dock with the Pegasus. Nothing will, not even the raptors or raiders. I don’t get the dock icon.

Hmmm… check and double check the dock families of the ships you trying to get to dock. Can you post the DAE file?

EDIT: I see you already have…

EDIT2: Had a quick look, I can’t see anything wrong except that the start / end points look a little too close to the ship, but that would not prevent the dock cursor from showing…

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I seem to have worked around it, without fixing it per se. I grabbed a new ship file from the Kus Carrier and used that as a starting point, and Peggy is now receiving ships again.

My working theory is that I changed the order of a line somewhere, or more simply, managed to leave out a line somewhere.

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That makes sense. I did the same thing with a carrier that refused to hyperspace. The order of things in the ship file does seem to be important…

Next question - do we know of any lines that control dock/launch intervals besides these?


I don’t. Why are you asking that question?

Cuz I want to screw with the launch timings
:slight_smile: also have to make the Peggy use all the launch tubes in both pods, otherwise it dumps two waves out of one pod.

@DOM2 have you run into any issues with launching craft getting trapped in their launch paths and bouncing back and forth between two dock joints?

See here for an example:

Yes. My guess is that the node has a low speed value. The strike craft are overshooting too fast and then going back to try to pass it at the correct speed.

Also, I’m flattered that your desktop is still a taiidan republic screenshot!

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