Docking slot suggestion

In hw1 we count docked fighters and corvettes individually, but in hw2 we count only the total number of squadrons. e.g. a carrier can carry 10 squadrons of fighter [or] corvettes.
That sucks, for hw1 races, if a carrier can have 30 corvettes docked on it, then of course it can carry much more than 30 fighters!
My thought is to add a prop for ships determines how many dock slots they take. If fighters take 1 slot and corvettes take 2, then a carrier may carry 50 fighers or 25 corvettes or 30 fighters + 10 corvettes. Better now, don’t you think so?


Good idea.

So your idea is to reduce the number of corvettes a carrier can hold?

I think it was just an example…
My gut told me it was a way to carry more smaller craft.

That’s using the old HW1 meshes and dock capacity numbers.

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That’s awesome. Can you do one with a 98% paused Ion, Assault, Drone, Support, and Gravwell? :smile:

Sorry, wings3d doesn’t model TARDISs well :stuck_out_tongue: