Docking Sound Bug

Hi I am a new player (4 days). I have to admit, at first I was hesitant to buy it because I only purchase games with overwhelmingly positive ratings, or >90%, and seeing the comments on game breaking bugs etcetc kind of put me off. However, after some disappointment with late game fps performance of some other titles I decided to give this a go. Was blownaway. Great visuals, combat and fluid performance. Even low fps (20-30) was acceptable because it didnt have any stuttering. And news of an upcoming patch the devs have been working on.

Because Im new I have little idea of the differences with the classic versions. But one bug which was very noticable immediately was the engine sounds of docked craft playing continously. And doesnt stop even if you zoom away unless you open the menu. This made docking and transporting very annoying. Happens on HW1 or HW2 races, and campaign and beta.

I searched and found this issue reported in Feb/March last year, and there have been several updates since. Was this issue resolved? or is going to? Or is it my system?

Win 7 64bit. ATI R9 390. i7-3770k

Thanks for a great game.

I thought that was fixed already.

And welcome to Homeworld!

Thanks. Im still playing and figuring out the first few missions.

The sound issue doesnt appear fixed, at least on my end. Im using v1.3
I could’nt find a mention of it the the changelogs up to August15.

I wish :frowning: This guy made a post about it a few days ago.

My #1 most despised bug. It’s been in the engine since the original release of HW2 back in 2003 (they upgraded the old HW2 engine to make Remastered Collection). :frowning: Really hoping they fix it in this next patch.

Oh I didnt see the post where this issue was brought up a few days ago. Yea I hope it will get fixed.