Dockpath Speed limit is Broken

Hi, I have problem with Dockpathes. In short all ships ignore Speed limits on Dockpath segments and it cause Tons of issues with Docking/Undocking.
I think during development formations something has been broken with speed limits.
Now ships colide into other ships when trying to dock because they docking at maximum speed and they are unable to turn etc.
This problem is global and happens on all ships ingame And it popus in Patch 2.0
Attached screenshot on hgn_mothership where scouts cliping into mothership because they are moving too fast.
Moding or creating Dockpathes is imposible, the result is always total mess.

Solution: Maibe you set up for all segments maximum speed 0 which means in engine “No limit in speed, use maximum designed”
Can we fix that in another patch ?