Doctor who mod?

I have always wanted one of these but nobody seems to be interested or had the idea. If anyone wants to help or is interested then I will make one but I ant do it alone.

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There are some cool ships, like:

But would there be enough to form coherent fleets?


Yeah, that’s the problem. Even Daleks have one “saucer” as far as I can tell, so all you can do game-wise if you want to stay canon is to have one type of a warship and spam that. And Fighters are the Daleks themselves. I’ve also seen these drone looking things with three engine pods around its center.

So I guess you’d have to improvise a bit when it comes to fleet, there’s not much to work with.

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Maybe you could focus more on the tech trees and special abilities, look at it from a sort of a MOBA mindset.

The daleks did have this:image

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So what, you build this and everybody dies?

You don’t need to be able to destroy the universe; it was a flagship as well

The main problem is the dalek voice because only some of the words in Homeworld are ever spoken by the daleks in doctor who.

I suppose I could modify the existing voices but they wouldn’t should like the originals

That’s not your main problem mate.

What do you mean

A main problem of building a whole race from scratch for a mod is not the voice of the said race.

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Anyway, a bit of what I’ve heared them say:

“You must be destroyed!”
“I obey!”
“Dalek fleet in battle formation”
“Prepare to defend, defend!”
“We are under attack”

You can make a really good voice pack out of what you hear in the TV series. Sometimes you might need to improvise, cut one word from here, another from there, put them together. For instance from “The Asylum is destroyed” cut of the asylum and replace it with whatever you need.
But you can do a lot, just do the research.

And if that’s not enough, it looks like there are some Dalek voice modullators.

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A Ring Modulator is the tool you want for dalek voices: A voice+mic as the carrier signal and a 30hz sine wave as the modulator… :wink:

(Originally created by Brian Hodgson at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.)

I have begun to find all the audio from the tv series and put it in a folder. I have no idea where to put it though for the game to listen and play the different sounds. Does anyone where in the sound folder you put the custom sounds?

I’m guessing this is dead?

Looks like it…kinda sad :cry:

This thread never got further than being a request for assistance. There’s even a question mark in its name.


Well i could help with model making…just my skills in that area are only above Newbie :smiley:

Make a Tardis. You’d be bound to make someone’s day!


I hate blender at times :rage: