Doctors Orders changed the LLMs?

So I tried to farm the new drop chance LLMs while having this mission active. I have 0/4 ECHOs collected and before the Legendary drop thingy (around 1 month ago) I always got 3-4 LLMs out of the boxes. Now I tried it 7 times a row and always got only 1 LLM out of 4 boxes. Just unlucky, or did GBX change the mission so we don’t get massive amounts of Legendaries through those 4 LLMs?


But I mean, for hundreds of times 3-4 and now permanently only 1?

How runs did you do?
Because, I’m still getting 3-4 LLMs…dunno what about the rest.

All four spawned for me when I did it once two days ago.
Just make sure there are no enemies aggro’d, they can prevent LMs spawning.

I also just did another run and all four spawned again

Ditto here: multiple runs, four LLMs every time after the hotfix for the new drop rates. (Just relics though :frowning: ) It may very well be what @BlackHeartV says: clear all the critters out of the barn before opening the boxes, and be alert for stalkers from the next area sneaking in through the door. One time, I actually managed to spawn an LLM from some stalker goo in the next area when I phaselocked a critter right in the “office” area; I then had to clear all those stalkers etc. out before heading back to the box room.

Okay. It seems you were right. I killed all the Stalker and Skags and 4 spawned. Weird thing: I never killed them before and just ran straight to the boxes and never had any issues to spawn 3-4.

If you manage to run past without them aggo-ing, you’re probably ok. Risky though as, if you get close enough, one of those pestilent stalkers will attack you, and then you have to take them all out. I think I’ve managed to do it without triggering the two very large badass skaggs, but I like to run into the office area to force a save fairly regularly (just in case I accidentally pick up an echo and need to dashboard).

I know I’ve had that happen to me before, though it was awhile ago. Thing is, I always thought it was supposed to always be at least 3. Guess it’s just unlucky? Course, would you rather fight 4 LLM and get nothing dropped, or just 1 LLM and have something drop?

Its weird, I’ve done over 400 llm runs in wep and I only had 3 out of 4 loot midgets cone out about 28 times.

And your mission progress still shows 0/4 echoes collected? That would indeed be extremely unusual - you should get at least three with 0/4 echoes.

I got 2/4 echos collected so…

That would explain it. Each echo you pick up reduces the likelihood of getting all four LLMs. Typically, for 2/4 echoes you’d expect 2 (occasionally 1) LLM to spawn; extra ones are definitely bonus at that point.

Same with me… Been farming there for some hours now, then accidentally bulk-collected my 2nd echo, which has left me with 3 midgets since, instead of 4 which was what I always got before. 3 is good, but still… :stuck_out_tongue:



Pretty much.

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