Doctor's Orders Patched?

Is the loot midget drop rates decreased on the doctor’s orders quest? I have had no luck in 8 runs

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Hi all,

As far as I know, Doctors Orders with no echo recorders picked up means that each box will spawn a loot midget.

After that you are in the hands of RNG for what you get.



As noted in the post above, picking up echoes during Doctor’s Orders reduces the number of LLMs that spawn from those boxes. Each echo reduces the maximum number of midgets for your next trip through by 1. Once Doctor’s Orders is handed in, you’re down to the regular chance of spawning an LLM anywhere (so you’re probably better off in Frostburn Canyon, Sawtooth Cauldron or Thousand Cuts).

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as noted above, that mission has not been patched, for max Loot Midgets (4) this is the way to get them.

  1. Pick up Doctors Orders
  2. once it is picked up, just change to a different mission
  3. once in WEP (also assuming main mission through there is at least past the Loot Midget Farm area), DO NOT pick up any echo associated with that mission (me, I won’t pick up any echos at all)
  4. if you pick up or hear a echo picked up, dash board immediately.

here is how to gage how many LM’s you get
Echo’s Picked Up
0 = 4
1 = 3
2 = 2
3 = 1
4 = 0

The best way to farm those midgets is in Sawtooth Cauldron, just look it up on youtube. By far quicker and with good loot.

Hi all,

Also do NOT all ammo pick up from the ammo chest near the LLM/LM spawning boxes, doing so WILL pick up one of the ECHO RECORDERS.


Ps Personal Experience.

Yep, had that happen to me too. It’s also worth noting that in the last update they increased the radius of the pickup function. You’re safe with the crates on the opposite side and end of the room, but anywhere close to those boxes…

Same here, happened to me the last time I played Zer0. I did the mass ammo pick up out of habit.

Hey! @RHMayg

If all else fails, don’t forget about the glorious Sawtooth Cauldron.

Try different builds while farming, and you can practically switch off and listen to some music during the later parts of most runs.

Are you familiar with the Sawtooth Cauldron runs?

I’ve done that to, usually by mistake, but in that area you can correct your mistake by not moving and Dash Boarding, you will loose any items that dropped during that farm run, but that is better then loosing that echo.

I do like those runs also, but my only problem with it is the sporadic spawn rate of the of the Loot midgets there. I’ve had runs that vary from 0 to 8 Loot Midgets depending on RNG, most between 0 and 4. Is there any way to maybe increase spawn chances?

Well, my trick is to really get every one of the chests and try to speed up the run.

The thing is, it isn’t so much about the number in the runs, as opposed to the runs themselves. With 2p you can do runs in literal breakneck speed.

I did 4p runs in 2 minutes each. (But that takes super coordination.)

My average is about 2-3 LLMs a jog. While, you do get the assured 4 in WEP the issue there is you need to load and fight the enemies each time. You need to lure out that UBALoader, take him down. Etc. etc. Not to mention that depending on where you are in the quest line, you may get some nuisances once you’re through the doors as well.

Your first run on WEP, will always be quicker than your first in Sawtooth. The big difference (at least in my eyes) is that I usually get 3-4 other runs (1p) before I need to fight the next enemy that isn’t an LLM. Also, shooting at the direction of the Weapon’s chests is pretty much enough to get them to follow you, you don’t need to run past them. You can do a quick run down the heart of Sawtooth’s Southwestern Crater, firing at the difficult to reach chests, and then rush back around and exit Sawtooth for Eridium, entering back immediately.

yes, but if only run through area on the right side of the map, you will definitely get 3-4 midgets every time you going out/in of the map, and adding second controller helps too, and you have to open up everything on your first run through.

my route is, jump down to the area to the right of the fast travel, then under the mountain, then up to the Buzzards nest, then jump down to the area heading back to the fast travel. And everything I pass is opened in those areas, used to even have a count of every lootable item in each area, but abandoned that system as taking to much time.

What I meant is only the area shown on the pic:

So you’re suggesting FT to Sawtooth, drop down immediately to the right, clear/open everything, head back up and around to the FT/exit, take the map transition to eridium blight and immediately come back and repeat?

Just want to make sure I’ve understood your process correctly.

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I would say that’s what he does, basically the same as me except I added going under the mountain and up to Buzzards nest and down and out. that’s why I said my average is between 0 to 8 LM’s, LLM’s

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Yes, that’s what I do.

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I always pick up 3/4 audio logs and always get 3 loot midgets to spawn in those boxes, not the one farthest from door. But sometimes if i get Jimmy Jenkins to spawn that box might stop spawning but not always. I’ve done this with 4 diff characters and always have 3 found audio logs.

If opening the boxes takes place during the same run as picking up the echoes then yes, you’re usually ok. If you leave the quest open and go back after a save/quit/restart though, you shouldn’t get as many LLMs.

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didn’t know that