Does a public Moze calculator exist?

There is an amazing amount of math going on with Moze and Iron Bear. I have only been playing BL3 since the steam release so I just started digging into it. A lot of effort has gone into all of the formulas but I haven’t found a calculator that puts it all together. Is there a publicly available calculator or spreadsheet that does calculations? I will probably build my own if one doesn’t exist. If any of you have tried building one and didn’t, what was the hurdle that made you stop?

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I built this spreadsheet around November but stopped linking it anywhere as it hasn’t been maintained and is missing key things such as Iron Bear damage affecting Short Fuse or v1 damage mults.

There is also this command line damage calculator however it is only capable of rather narrow single case calculations. So it could be expanded upon as the python files are publicly visible.

I can also offer help or input if you do decide to build something as I’m well versed with both the Moze calcs and some of the difficulties of building such a calc.

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Thanks for the info and the offer. I will take a look.