Does Alani have any unlockables from loot packs?

I’m only asking because I have way more coins than I know what to do with and would love to unlock some cool stuff for her considering her lore is gonna have me wrapped up for days… Has anyone heard anything on this front?

I wouldn’t try untill she’s offically brought out on the 30th.

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Someone posted in another thread they got one of her taunts.

You can get skins and taunts

I’ve just played with an Alani who had the white appearance already. So I’d say they already released half of Alani’s gear and incorporated it into the loot pack.

Why not? Everything for Alani was put into the game yesterday.

Indeed, i have recieved one

I shall commence praying to the RNG gods.

I snagged one out of a pack about an hour ago. Plus, the patch notes and the dev’s confirmed they added skins and taunts for her in the patch yesterday.

Yea, I managed to get a “headbutt” taunt which is kinda funny. Worth the 8 loot packs I had to open.


I feel like you may be guaranteed at least one to some extent, I earned an ‘Eldrid Commander Pack’ which does guarantee a skin or taunt for a random character of that faction, but just one. When I opened mine i got a Thorn skin which you would expect, and a bonus cosmetic which was an Alani taunt.

Yeah, I got one of her taunts you get from just leveling her up, it’s a bow

I got two skins for her (the silver and the one shown in the screenshot above) as well as her “surprise headbut” dab-taunt.
Pretty lucky here, I basically only got taunts/skins for Mellka (which I main) and Alani in the eldrid loot packs I opened yesterday.

Got the white skin and a maroon colored skin for her as well as a bow taunt.

What I want to know is if there are new taunts/skins for the other characters. Believe I read the tier 2 skins would come out along with Alani but I opened 30 packs yesterday and got only a Miko bow taunt and a Boldur pink skin, got a whole bunch of credit returns though sadly.

Yep. Got Benthic (white), Hadal (the pink and blue), and photic (yellow and purple) skins. Also got the serene taunt.