Does Amara COM, Elementalist Has A Specific Drop Or Is It Random

I’m now using Amara for a while but I need to change up my COM and I realize batch of enemies giving me issues. Does the Elementalist drops anywhere frequently or is it random as a world drop?

It’s a world drop.

And if I may share my two cents, this COM is so useless that I curse the game whenever it drops one. If it was a dedicated drop from some boss, I’d stay miles away from that boss no matter what else they drop.

I still need it cause I’m having mob troubles. I just reach max level for her and I don’t have decent Level 60 gear for her yet. Modifiers in 2.0 is giving me bit of a headache to tolerate especially with those mobs

Thing is, it does extremely little damage, but if you really want to try it, you’ll just have to play the game until you randomly get one. I have a few spare ones on a mule, I’ll happily give you one if you want (via EGS or Shift).

But I think what you’re really looking for, especially for mobbing, is a Phasezerker. Just my two cents.

I have a Phasezerker but I forgot the rolls on it. Any tips on what skills I should build to maximize the damage or what gears that benefits PZ mod greatly?

Elementalist drops from Sera of Supremacy if you really want it.
Phasezerker is Amara’s best COM, you can farm it from Hag of Fervor.

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If you’ve got a Zerker already, just forget about the Elementalist. You’d be trading in one of Amara’s two top tier COMs for her worst one.

You mentioned mob troubles. Use Ties That Bind, max out Tempest and Indiscriminate, and go all the way down to Avatar in the blue tree. Of course other skill choices matter too, but I think that’s the essential few skills for getting the most out of this specifically.

If you want even more damage from Ties, you can max out Do Harm, and if you want even more, you can add Awakening on top of that. Zerker goes really well with this because A) it raises the Rush stack limit by another 5, B) it gives full stacks everytime you use your action skill, C) it reduces cooldown time and D) it gives you some extra gun damage as if it wasn’t enough already.

Didn’t know they had dedicated drops, I stand corrected.

Yeah, only the ones from DLC2 are world drops without dedicated source.

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