Does Amara's DOT sounds bug anyone else?

When Amara has picked up a DoT she makes a heck of a racket in agony. Worse than Gaige’s screaming.
Suck it up Amara, you’re a big strong Siren who kicks everyone’s butt, what’s a little fire damage?


A spererate sound option for screams (or that kind of stuff) in general would be nice. Not only Amara or the own character, also the enemies, allies and so on.

yep, when I fought troy and set him on fire the sounds annoyed me very much. Can’t say I’ve really noticed the screaming much otherwise

Yes, it bothers me to no end.

Please create a separate volume toggle to allow us to reduce the DoT pain sounds.

Oh dear god yes. Its painful to listen to Amara when she gets a DoT on her. The bosses as well. Troy, Lady Aurelia, GeneVIVI, the boss battles just are so annoying because of.

Think so far my favorite boss battle is Graveward, in no small part because it doesn’t make noises because of DoTs :neutral_face: