Does any one have PS3

If any one wants to be max level 50 61 or lvl 72 and guns that do over 1000000 my psn name is zammbiesmatter109

post deleted - wrong topic, I´m sorry for any confusion.

Will move your topic to the PS3- subtopic, hope you find some vaulthunters here :heart:

Do you use the barroom brawl mission?

No I have never heard of that mission

No I have actually never heard of that mission
Do u have PS3 or Xbox 360

Hey dude I’m a lv 50 could I have help getting a level 50 zero or shrepe crystals (I dont know how to spell shrepe by the way)

Then what’s your method? Just curious.

I got modded now I lvl 72 and modded weapons shields and relics

Do u want me to add u

Ok but I can’t give u the best guns unless u buy the ultimate upgrade pack 2 u can sign in as me and download it if u want just say yes

What you are doing is against the rules of this forum and breaches the consoles terms of service.

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