Does any1 have a extra Empr-tp head to spare

I have been farming Zarpadon and the raid boss and not once seen this head drop i have gotten in total 3 legendary nisha head drops 5 legendary Wilhelm drops 4 doppelgänger and 6 baroness drop and got tech ninja 5 times and commando trap head 4. Is this head glitched because I’m farmming them both to the point that it’s overkill!

I thought they made it so all of Zarpadon’s loot was also able to be dropped at the sentinel? I thought heads applied.

They have but I’m sure it’s only on the raid boss version of it but I have yet to see it. I’v gotten the Nisha, Wilhelm, and Jack legendary heads to drop. I have even gotten athena and clap traps purple head once. But that’s my issue iv constantly seen the purple heads of only those two and only see the legendarys of the other four. This is only raid boss. Zarpadon I get the same issue only the two purple heads of athena and claptrap and the legendary of Nisha, Wilelm, Jack, and Arelia