Does anybody build around +5 skills?

I forgot when but I got a Purple Class Mod that gave my Amara +5 to ‘One With Nature.’ Now, I do not think this is an ability that is good at all but I’m curious if anybody looks for these +5 Class Mods and tries to build around them. I also have a few questions in that regard:

  1. Can any skill get a +5?
  2. Can only a purple class mod grant +5?

The reason I ask is because I’m thinking if I should be looking at more purple class mods. I’m guilty of insta-throwing away anything not Legendary. Not specifically for Amara but I was thinking of other characters. For example Zane. I don’t particularly like any of the Zane Class Mods so what I was thinking:

+5 Class Mod to give me more duration on my action skills. +5 Class Mod to give me a bigger boost to my Kill Skills.

+5 Class Mod and maybe I can see if I can build around my pet returning 50% or so damage back to the attacker.
+5 Class Mod to increase my health regen to insane levels

Your thoughts?

Both purple and legendary coms can come with +5 in a skill, like this one:
Kinda rare tho.

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On Zane I use a COM with +3 to playing dirty, which gives a 100% chance to fire an additional projectile on the next five shots after a kill.

I don’t think so tbh, If a skill can only get 3/3, I think the max for a com to get would be a +3 for that skill. Basicly the max you can get on a com would be double the points you can spec into.
I think I’ve seen a com somewhere that gave a 1/1 skill a +1, I think its for Fl4k. I should check my Fl4k just to be sure.

I could be wrong about this, if so, do correct me, kinda curious about it myself.

Edit: In one of moxsy’s videos, he mentioned a com that gave him a +5 on a 3/3 skill, and said it was probably modded.

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Fl4k has a mod that gives a +1 to psycho head on a stick, which is a 1/1 skill its either friendbot or dead eye I think.

Phasezeker for Amara is best a +5 but people don’t usually build around it. If you get your hands on Cosmic Stalker with plus 5 in Big Game I bet you could have a strong Hunter Skills build.

It would explain why have never seen a COM for Moze with more then 3 points in Thin Red Line, but if seen 2 Bloodletters with +5 in Phalinx Docternet. That is good info to consider!

Only 5 point skills can get boosted by 5 points, 3 pointers by 3 and 1 pointers by one. There is talk about a spiritual driver com that boosts one of amaras 3 pointer skills by 5, but im pretty sure that one is edited and not legit.

For fl4k, the highest ive found for health regen is boosting barbaric yawp while using the spiderant, and that only brings it to 5% @ 10/5; but raises the elemental bonus to 50%