Does anybody else find this a bit strange?

Right, so I have a problem with my best friend. I’ve known this guy since secondary school.

However, recently he’s been a bit…I dunno what the word is really.

Take this. I broke my phone so I decided to get a new one. There was a very nice Nokia Lumia going at a respectable price, so I told him about it. A couple of days later, suddenly he says to me he needs a new phone (his is absolutely busted, I don’t know how he can use it) and that he might have to use his mum’s. Guess what the phone was? A Lumia. Not that odd, you might say, but get this one.

My favorite car, my dream car that I want to someday own, is the Nissan 350Z. He keeps telling me he needs a new car (this is around 4 months after buying his current one, after getting rid of his previous one). Anywho, me and a couple of other friends from another town decided to go out for a few drinks and whatnot, so I thought why not invite said guy, for obvious reasons. So my other friends picked me up and we headed into town to meet said guy and go to a bar or whatever. We met said guy at the car park, and the talk turns to cars. He tells my friend that he wants another car, and then says (and I quote) “either a Focus or a 350Z”.

Now, the first one I thought OK, so his mum’s got a Lumia. They’re popular phones, so that’s not really that strange. But then I think, well he’s working, he can have whatever phone he wants really, so why would he want to use his mum’s all of a sudden?

However, the second one? I feel like he’s taking the p*** a bit if I’m honest, almost mocking me for whatever reason.

My suspicions were indeed confirmed a few days ago when we were on our way into town for a bit of shopping (sounds gay I know…), where he said “either a Focus, or a 350Z just to p*** you off”.

I don’t really know what to do here. It’s very strange IMO, and I can’t really put my feelings into words at this point. However, I can almost guarantee that if I had a fetish for, say, a 240SX or whatever they are, he would have said “a Focus or a 240SX”.

Anybody know what to do here? What to say to him? Or do I just ignore him?

EDIT: I literally just thought of what it seems to be. It seems almost as if he’s trying to constantly one-up me. That doesn’t sound right, but it’s the best I can do.

My first reaction would be to completely ignore it.

My second reaction would be to congratulate your friend on their impeccably good taste (since they obviously like the same things you do).

My third reaction would be to drop some classic misdirection, and talk this person into buying something totally uncool - but only if you reached the point you really couldn’t stand being around them anyway.


Hmmm. The first choice would be the best one really wouldn’t it?

But in argument to the second choice, it seems like he is literally doing it to take the mick, so congratulating him wouldn’t work as such.

The third choice would be my preferred one, but it hasn’t reached that point yet!

First, I could ignore that.
Second, I would say “my dream car is a Proton Wira” or a 2006 Vauxhall Astra diesel.
Third, I’d rather talk with him.

My friend from South Cl behaves similar, I just follow the “joke”.

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i’ve driven the 350z. they are flimsy, and very easily damaged. also, if you haven’t driven one, the reverse gear you have to push the stick down before you shift. annoying if you don’t know yet first time you get in it.
The decline of the standard irks me to no end.

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I envy you sir! But yeah, standards have definitely declined.

I worked at kia for a while, and out of the ENTIRE dealership, maybe people could drive a stick. it was ridiculous.