Does anybody else play Path of Exile?

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Recently I started playing a new game, Path of Exile. It reminded me a bit of borderlands because of the loot aspect to it. It’s an ARPG, but it has a lot of things that I’ve never seen in an ARPG before. The skill tree is huge and has almost infinite possibilities, classes are very open, and any class can do anything. The active skills are not found in the skill tree, but rather in gems that can be socketed in to gear, and combined with support gems that augment connected skills. There is no gold in PoE either, there are many currency items and they all have uses in the crafting system.

I’ve played 26 hours so far, and I have been having a lot of fun with it, and wondered if there was anybody else who plays Borderlands and PoE here. If you want you can add me in game, the character I’ve been playing most is named Madeleines. If you haven’t started playing yet it’s completely free, as in for real. Nothing in the microtransaction store gives an actual advantage in game. Mostly it’s just stuff like a shiny aura for your sword and what not.

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Oh thanks, I’m still getting used to these new forums.


To be honest, the whole reason that attracted me to Borderlands in the first place is because of Diablo II. I loved action RPGs, so after hearing so much about it being Diablo with guns and all that, I decided to try it out. 816 hours of BL1 and BL2 later, I had no regrets with the investment.

And then I heard about Path of Exile, and how it was getting a lot of praise for being the Diablo II sequel that Diablo III wasn’t, so I decided to try that one out, too. What I love about Path of Exile is that I personally feel it perfectly recreates the feel of Diablo II while at the same time switching up the mechanics into something all its own. There was a sense of wonderfully grim familiarity, yet it had new tricks up its sleeve.

Sadly, I haven’t played Path of Exile in almost a year now, not because I don’t like, but because there are so many other games out there that I wanna play.