Does anybody even play Xbox 1 Borderlands?

I cant find ANYBODY only people from Twitch or Gearbox forums :sleepy:
I tried Borderlands 2 nobody
I tried The pre sequal STILL NOBODY
I also see only PS4 Livestreamers of this :frowning:
I dont see ANY xbox 1 Livestreams at ALL times :frowning:
This makes me very sad because I have been a hardcore fan of the series
I still remember the first time I defeated The Destroyer on Borderlands 1…ah the memories

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There’s a major bug affecting on-line matches on the XB1, which has been particularly hard to pin down. Last word was that a fix is in testing and, if it all pans out, a patch will be coming. See this thread/post:

Thank you for letting me know! :smiley:

im looking 4 people 2 play with on XB1 add my GT. shave a zombie

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im looking 4 people 2 play with on XB1 add my GT. shave a zombie… there is nobody online or ???

A lot of folks seem to have been hit by the bug mentioned above, although hopefully that will be fixed when the updates hit tomorrow. I would not be surprised if a lot of players are also hunkering down into the Battleborn closed technical test, though!

Im usually looking for people to play TPS with GT: Oh Jesterr

Matchmaking (apparently) got fixed in an update last night

It did. Played until 2am last night.

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Wait…No.F+++ing.Way. Sorry I just HAD to put that in there :stuck_out_tongue:


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hello im kingsolocypress on x1 just started a new game been playing the hell out of this game since day one so if ya want to play on x1 im game!!

also i like to use the siren and the necromancer with a little bit of Axton!!!

im in the process of moving so try to catch me on there sometimes at night into morning!

okie dokes

I see a borderlands wave on the horizon about to knock me on my ass. I’ll be playing Borderlands 1 again when the official backwards compatibility update drops on the 12th.

Until then I will dabble in some Battleborn, Warframe, BL:TPS and BL2.

Hi guys i’m playing borderlands 2 on xbox one and need help defeating terramorphous i am a lvl 50 mechromancer and he is pissing me off please help my gt is DragonRuler9142

anyone who wouldnt mind helping me level up fast?

I do level 63 zero