Does anybody have a legendary list

Hey guys. With the level cap finally coming out in a week (PC) I’m going to be starting my collecting runs after I hit max. I’ve tried looking at the wiki, but I can only find a list of legendarys that includes BL 1&2’s as well. Does anyone have a list of legendarys that is specific to TPS and gives the drop locations that we have found so far. Thank you!

Phetty had one on the old forums, and I also have the max stat reference list on the old forums

I’ll skim through them and try to find it then. Thanks for the reply TOG.

Thats the old lootology

Alright, found the old thread (thanks Derch). I see it’s last edit is back in october, I assume nothing new has been found.

Well kitty hasn’t added any threads since then but many of the threads in it have been updated. We all jumped on making those threads pretty quick and some were just made as placeholders before the game came out. Also in the old forums there were the stickied threads on top that all have great stuff and links to top gear which is also helpful. I’m sure they are making there way over here.

I last updated Lootology a few weeks ago. Thefaceofboe is talking about Phettys guide I think.

Well, I was more talking about this guide in particular:

Once I hit max level on the level cap increase I plan to go a loot huntin’ to try to get a screenshot of every legendary dropping at max in my game. I was just curious to see if it was complete. I’ve already noticed some missing locations (notably the class mods don’t list as dropping from the mini-boss stalker.) I’m going to be cutting it down to just legendary’s on the list I use for myself so I just wanted to make sure it was current enough to include them all.

I was trying to follow your link. But I had to convert it. I was looking for that thread too.

Also, I’m going to copy the contents to a new thread on this forum.