Does anybody have a list of crit spots per enemies?

what title implies

it is very hard to notice crit on some enemies so outside of obvious ones like head for humanoids back for nogs and tail for varkids spiderants

where do some robots and some bosses have a crit? i am confused about rampager chest and some maliwan mechs are hard to crit but it seems to be the core in the middle? in BL2 i learnd every crit spot through zer0’s bore allowing them to show in deception.

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I don’t know of a full list, and I don’t recognize the Rampager, but which Maliwan mechs are you talking about?

Rampager’s critical spot is his chest cavity. When he opens it up and launches projectiles, you can shoot it. Sometimes when he’s stunned on the ground, you can hit it, but not reliably.

Maliwan Arbalests/Ballistas have critical spots on the sides of their midsection.

Maliwan Harbingers/Reapers have critical spots on the protruding back behind their head.

Maliwan Warhounds’ is their mouth.


Good post.

Ones I struggle with are the triceratop like dino’s on Eden 6.

those have crit in eye c avities as far as i am concerned super hard to hit

rampagers chest definitely not responsive even when he is in weakened phase. but he dies super fast to spark plug tesla coil which is double weird. i hate when crit spots do not take dmg rampager is like jackenstein’s last phase ffs


Thought it was somewhere like that. I managed to get crits somewhere around the head, but couldn’t repeat it with intent

Ah… just put a, eh, face to the name.