Does anybody still play this on PS4?


I have just started playing again after a long time, I was playing on xbox one which I have an op8 Siren. Now I have just started to play on my PS4 and was jw if anybody still played the game :blush:


Looks like it:

Also, happy forum cake day! :cake:

I play on ps4 and love it I have played these games ever since they come out and soon as ps4 came out I got them for ps4 and play almost every day I love it


You love it so much, you have no time for grammar :wink:


Lol I know what’s really important!!

I still play on ps4 since day 1.

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Nope, I don’t. :slight_smile:

I’ve basically been addicted for the past couple of weeks now.

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when i enter online mode in UVHM my game fills up almost instantly, its more popular than most new games lol

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Certain times of day are quieter but I still regularly see 10+ sessions available at lvl 72. To be honest, I haven’t checked the lower levels recently; I reckon they should be fairly well populated too as logically people are still playing.

I need some help how do you use skill points?

I need some help how do you use skill points?

Hi there!

You use skill points in the relevant tab of your inventory. In BL2, you unlock each successive “tier” after the first point (basic action skill) by putting a total of points into the skills in the previous tier. These can be all in one skill, or split between a couple. Note that each “tree” is separate, so you can’t get to the next tier in, say, the centre tier, by spending the points in the left of right tier.

For BL2, you can see all the skills easily and plan out your approach using this handy tool:

If you have questions about your build, you can fill out your build on that site, then copy and paste the URL into a post within the relevant character forum, which are all in the #borderlands-2 category.

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Struggling at the moment in UVHM :tired_face:

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Check out the PS4 Borderlands 2 community:

Where exactly are you in UVHM right now, who are you playing, and what’s your build?

Hi, i am looking to take down the terramorphus. Any help would be great x

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Only on normal mode, just to get the trophy.

I do play on PS4. GAMERTAG is 'DisturbedDamian"

yessss i do. im playin now lol