Does anybody use any of the lvl 50 Deluxe Bonus Items?

I adore the Butt-Stallion Grenade Mod but find it very meh even among blue/purple grenades. Even tried it back when Moze was truly Infinite Grenade and even then it wasn’t much to talk about even though seeing a handful of ponys in the sky was fun.

The Hyper-Hydrator would seem like a great gun for an Elemental Amara but I’ve heard nobody talk about using it at all in any of their builds (granted I’m just looking at YouTube builds.)

The Girth Blaster is a gag weapon (but aren’t they all?) so I definitely can’t see anybody using it at all.

Ultraball is okay but more often than not I kill myself with it.

Shredder Grenade is great for farming money but as many people know farming money in this game is super easier via other methods and money isn’t all that needed tbh. Great for first playthrough though.

Shield is useless past lvl10 so that’s a wash.

Was just curious if these items still held a place in your lvl50 banks or did you do away with them as soon as you got them?

I accidentally forgot to equip them when I started a new playthrough with another Vault Hunter. As it turns out, the bonus “toy box” items scaled to the level that my Vault Hunter was at the time.

So now, I’ve started another Vault Hunter and waiting until I hit level 50 to redeem them. Maybe they might be interesting to see how to they operate at higher levels.

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I did for a few levels. The Butt Stallion Grenade Mod was particularly amusing.

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I’m a collector of everything red text, so I’ve got them all (used the same technique mentioned above; didn’t redeem them until I got to level 50).

I literally did this run last night (Maliwan allegiance Amara working on some story missions: TVHM, MM1). It does shock them pretty well, but the range is no ball of fire in ‘real’ combat. I’m lining out experiments to see if other shock weapons get the same damage increase by being wet (turning it into kind of a weak Slag role for shock only). We’ll see!

I haven’t given up on this gun yet… am just having way too much fun in actual combat (and am waiting for a proper test dummy to drop).

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