Does anybody want this?

I’ll trade for any anointed Re-Charger

I don’t need that but I got a couple of annointed red suits (still not my sntnl one tho), I can send you one. I got health regen with clone for Zane, ASE health regen or ASE 50 incendiary.

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I would love the ASE health regen. My gt is RavenMock3r

I really appreciate it buddy

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No worries, I’m off to see jojo rabbit so I’ll send after dinner.

Yeah?.. It looks funny, made by the same guy that made Thor Ragnarok, and he plays imaginary Adolf Hitler to boot. I might have to go see it too lol.

Thanks BTW and enjoy the movie

If you have any spare annointed Red Suits I’ll take one! Lol

What annoint? I’m after sntnl that won’t drop but I got 3 with wrong annoint I can help, I’m at work so can’t check tho.

Any generic ASE annont, or Gamma Burst annoint for Fl4k.

What’s gamertag?