Does anybody want to help me spawn vermivorous the invincible?

Hey I’m Sophie,

I need help getting vermivorous the invincible to spawn. I’m a level 72 siren.

I’m playing on the Xbox one my gamertag is ForeverYoung089


I would definitely help as I’ve tried to get the Siren’s head from verm before with no luck, though I’m not sure our time zones will be too friendly as I’m in Aus.

I’d be up for trying ! Never seen him /her herself. Am in the uk so if this works for you gt=ScaryCartoons

I’m in the UK, what times are you usually on?

Okay I will add you :slight_smile:

Not sure if time zones will work out, but you’ve peeked my interest. I have taken a break from farming Vermi, but this thread makes me want to pick it back up. Feel free to look me up if we’re on at the same time, I would be more than happy to help spawn Vermi. I am interested in the heads and skins from Vermi. I have enough Norfleets. :slight_smile:

Ouch, yeah UK can be tricky, on the weekends I can pretty much be on at any time.

It’s Saturday morning for me now so will be around the console for the next 10+ hours, let me know what times you’re usually on and I’ll see what that is for me as I wouldn’t expect you guys to fit around me.

Add: Sleady
I’m always willing to play

hey i try to do spawn vermivorous too, on op8.if you’re interested add optimist56 and send me a message , i play realy often and i’m alway ready for that kind of thing :slight_smile:

I don’t have op8 yet I’m only op4 but that is with my zero character. He is such a pain to spawn.

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Ill help u im always on after work

I’m down to spawn Vermi. looking for skins/heads from her. :smile:

GT: Kurtdawg13

hit me up! :acmaffirmative:

Cool add me gt…Darthdestroyer82

I’d love to join you guys with my lvl. 72 Salvador, as I’ve never managed to spawn him/her before. I’m also in the UK, so the time should not be a problem.

Lemme know if there’s still room in the party.

GT: Tinorioakck01