Does anyone besides Miko have a good, quick melee attack?

Circle button on PS4

B button on XB1

Dunno what it is on PC.

Like for Miko, he puts his hands together and does a double palm shove. Its actually really fast, not the most damaging attack, but has actually decent knock back. You can spam it to practically juggle people for periods of time against a wall.

What about everyone else though? I haven’t felt like Quick/Off-hand Melee has been that effective for other characters.

Use it with Orendi to push back smaller enemies, it seems a bit to slow for PvP though.

Mellka has a good Claw attack, it’s L1 on the PS4… It also does extra damage to anyone affected by your poison… It’s a good finisher when you have them down low on health ;), but I don’t tend to use it in PvE so I can’t really comment on its effectiveness there… You also get your original (Circle on PS4, but I have mine remapped to R3 and Circle for ping, works best that way for me)

So far I only have seen efficient & quick melee attacks like these (i’m talking about the special quick melee and not the attack of melee characters)
Unless for shayne & auro who, for some unknown reasons to me, seems to have a very hard time using this ability.
I can’t seem to be able to stop the basic attack & use the quick melee, there is a second or 2 of “nothing” during both these things.

ISIC’s is quick Phoebe’s appears to be fairly quick. Honestly it’s quick on pretty much every character I tried it with… So who has slow ones?

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Rath’s off-melee is VERY slow.

Galilea’s is very slow (but has conditional range), and Kleese’s is extremely slow.

ISIC’s melee is so fast and does so much damage I use it as a combo finisher.

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I never get a good look at damage numbers with a quick melee between being point blank and then trying to refocus on the target as they get knocked back. Good to know some actually deal decent damage.

Benedicts is pretty fast, and he has his knock back when he takes flight

Whiskey’s got a bit of a windup but deals like, 200 damage at max level with his passive up, great for getting the last blow against enemies in close range.

Marquis has this little two hit slap combo that deals very low damage buts ends things FLYING off if you land both hits, and sets up a decent amount of space with one, and is decently quick.

Benedict’s fairly quick to come out and deals solid damage, maybe even more than whiskeys, it’s hard to tell. I know the most lethal benedict I"ve seen ran straight at me and clawed me a ton.

Orendi’s looks like a two hit combo, but it’s actually only the second hit.

Ghalt and Isic both have extremely fast, spammable quick melees, handy for getting a little bit more breathing room to line up your shots better.

ive killed plenty of poeple with my quick hand its pretty good

From my experience the top 5 best quick melees are…

  1. Miko (good pushback and decent damage)
  2. Benedict (actually pretty good when you need to get an enemy off you before takeoff)
  3. El Dragon (even though you’ll probably never use it it’s crazy good)
  4. Toby (giant spiked ball + enemy face = hysterical penguin laughter)
  5. Ghalt (our lord and savior of the shotgun bash)

Or punching stuff off ledges, or just well, punching things.

Not 100% true. El Dragon has an alternate off-melee while sprinting, and you’re meant to use it, considering one of his helix choices specifically buffs that.

That is true. I always forget about his dropkick for some reason until I reach that helix level lol

It unfortunately feels very finicky in my experience. I often feel like it doesn’t sent you flying forward like it should, since it is a drop kick that requires a running start.

And preferably a jump as well, else the range of that drop kick is REALLY small.

When running, Attikus does a charge attack with his off-hand melee. Very good, closes gaps. Very slow though, and it also has a slight cooldown.

Thorn. It’s really quick and great to pushback melee or secure a kill.