Does anyone build ernest for defense mode?

I’m just wondering if anyone actually does this. I’ve played quite a bit since he came out and so far have seen no one build it effectively and few people build for it at all.

If rotten egg worked in defense mode it would be great, but defense mode only has 2 upgrades… Slow and more dm reduction vs movement speed, reload speed and rotten egg.

Attack mode makes almost every single battleborn more effective defending by attacking. Reyna when is not buged* (with slow instead of fast attack) and the right hélix she can spam plasma pulse, alani get faster attack and heals, ambralia can move faster following you with her beam or stab stab

I could be way off but assuming rotten egg and slow egg aren’t in the same level putting rotten egg on defense mode might make it op. Would turn the egg into a multi functional blight essentially

cough thats what i want…

Then for shame! Lol

I regret nothing!!