Does Anyone Chest Farm? Is It Worth It?

Does anyone bother Chest farming in BL3?

Is it worth it?

Any good routes or areas?

Atlas HQ is a pretty quick and easy run with ten plus chests…no enemies (aside from a few Ratches in 2 small parts) unless you want to go fight Zerogawa and go for the chests in the area beyond him, but I think you may be able to just run past him.

Thanks in advance!

The doors exiting his fighting stage don’t open until his death, if you’re wanting chests below the office (and to avoid the fight) it would be best to check if the side elevator operates

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Nope. I tried when I first hit 50. A few hours, hundreds of chests (mostly red) and 2 legendary drops later, I only open them if its convenient now. Most items are world drops anyway and I can kill a boss in the same, or less, time it takes to go open any chest. Not worth it currently.

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Well not if you put additional time like going into a vault.But I usually open my chest after a boss fight because its close.Sometimes it decides to donate.

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Yea, I only enter vaults if I’m required by a playthrough. Boss kill reset evertime. The time it takes to enter vault, walk, open chest, walk, open chest, walk isn’t even close to worth it.


I was farming the boss on Athenas on M3 TVHM and opening only the 2 basic chests below the entrance and had quite a few drops from them, so I dont know luck is all over the place…


Below the entrance?

I may never have found those…

Theres two chests right there, not red ones tho. Worked pretty nicely for me. Get a few drops from the boss check those on the way out and sometimes get lucky.

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Right under the first Athenas fast travel point?


No no no at the boss fight. After you kill the boss you can go back in the same direction you came from, and theres 2 chests there.


Those sound familiar then…I’ll double check!



Glad to help! Would love to hear your results!

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Every time I kill a vault boss, I go into the vault and open all the chests. On Mayhem 3 I tend to find an extra legendary every 2-3 clears.

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That takes quite some time tho each run, because theres a loading screen and quite some length to run to get to the chests… Not sure how much its worth doing every time, because you can probably kill the boss one more time instead of checking 3 times…

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Nope. I farm bosses in mayhem 3.
Side note. When I farm a boss with a red chest behind them, the red chest never respawns. Only the silver ones do. Why???

I tried farming the Jacobs chest next to the cave with the dinos in it at jacobs manor once for a little while. Its right next to a checkpoint so you can spawn in,open it, save and quit and come back and keep going all you want. But it got annoying how many level 49 weapons i got. I was on normal mode mayhem 3 and i think i got like 5 or 6 legs but all but one was level 49.

They do respawn after set amount of time.