Does anyone else feel like rocket launcher are pointless?

I don’t even bother keeping them.


I kept my hive. It’s on my wall

All others I sell

I keep one for some of the FFYL where i cant aim for a kill but i know the splash damage is going to do the trick, saved me more than once. The dmg isnt that bad tho, its a good burst.

Flakker works really well for this too


Yeah but the flakker has that range thing i hate, plus for me it looks absolutely horrible and i like my Moze in style.

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I like Vladof launchers so always carry one for my Bottomless Moze.

i remember in borderlands 2 when im in ffyl i was switching to rocket launcher to get second wind now in borderlands 3 i sell all of them


The nukem saved me so many times

And yet the enemies that use the rocket launcher wreck your character


I have a blue or epic launcher with 75% +damage on stickys and I think 4x2300 or something damage. It’s good on Moze (Call IB, step out for 5sec unlimited munition, don’t remember the name of the skill) to do some good damage on bosses.

I was wondering about that as well lately… I want what they are using!


hive and scourge are both amazing. The rest are meh.

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i’m destroying everything with those 2 :

first with sticky

and after phaseslam cause 300% lol

it’s an automatic rocket launcher and when i switch to this cov weapon i use phaseslam to cancel the starting animation

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not really, they dont really do much damage. the part that hurts is your eyes. Im in the prime of my youth, and I feel like Im going blind already.

I see that French text(Apprendre le francais). Also, there are guns like the Duc, which is a pistol, so it is cheaper. plus, you get to have a gun in your language.

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Atlas rocket launchers are lovely tools for breaking down some of the spongier bosses. Especially the ones with the tracking grenades that fire three rockets in one shot.

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Playing Fl4k level 50 (Guardian Rank 195) and i am never using R0cket Lunchers.
It d0es n0t fit t0 my Fl4k build besides he cant really make use 0f it.
M0ze sh0uld be able t0 utilze R0cket Lunchers but i d0nt see a l0t M0ze players using them.

Truth…Imagine if we had one that fired that fast.

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And the enemys never have to reload their laumchers.


Hive is fun, not great but it’s fun to use occasionally in my 4th slot. Aka wild card slot

I don’t know how I’m supposed to use rocket launchers. They’re so slow to fire and reload that if you miss (and you WILL miss because enemies have ESP and are backflipping up the walls like Spiderman) it’s all over, you’re dead.

Also it seems like the explosions are blocked by objects in the environment, so if a bandit takes a step to the left to hide behind a lamp post, too bad, they take zero damage lol.

I’d rather hold down a rifle’s trigger for a second or aim a shotgun blast and get the job done.