Does anyone else feel screwed over by the sale?

I’m just wondering if anybody else feels screwed over by gearbox because of today?
Well I sure do feel screwed over.

Gearbox don’t set prices. 2K- the publisher- decided to lower them to celebrate the release of Alani.

If you feel bad, take it up with them.



Absolutely feel cheated. Wont be preordering Boarderlands 3.

2k does not set the price they publish it buy having it sold in multiple stores they also do the marketing gearbox made the game and sets the price and dropping the price down by $40.00 for a character release yeah right don’t lie to yourself.

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Not really. I already bought it discounted from GMG.

Even then it helps bring more players into the game which is important!

Plus I’ve been playing for weeks now and I’ve had a lot of fun which I wouldn’t have if I’d have waited.

Yes definitely

How can they not? 3 weeks ago they paid 80$ for Digital Deluxe.

It is now 33$. Over half off.

I’m only going on what 2K have said. Are they lying too? I don’t much like the tone of your post, so could you be a darling and read the forum rules? Please?

Part of me is considering buying the digital deluxe just for those rewards and selling the physical copy i have. i feel like that’s a little ridiculous though.

I wouldn’t return a physical copy because you probably would make less than what the digital costs now.

Yeah, in the end it’s not worth it. I hope eventually the release the cyber skins in game. But that’s essentially all I’d be paying $40 for is skins and taunts. So i’m not gonna. Sucks because if i would have known there would be a sale like this i wouldn’t have bothered pre ordering this game last year. oh well.

Look 2k is the publisher so they’re going to promote whatever gearbox gives them and sorry for earlier.

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While I can see them saying that was the reason, I think given Blizzard’s action of having the OW beta on BB’s release date, this is almost the equivalent of a digital middle finger back at them. Having a sale during their launch date seems a little coincidental, don’t you think?! :slight_smile:

While I personally feel a little burned on that one, I wouldn’t mind an expanded player base. I mean ffs, you can get the standard edition on GMG for $28 right now. If that isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is.

Yeah I would have waited too.

I think it’s a burn on both sides.
But yeah more players would hop on for a cheaper game if the word got out and only a few have promoted about it openly. I found out through ign because they notice the price drop from Amazon and GameStop all of a sudden.

Not at all, but did take advantage of the sale to buy a copy for my son.


If they make the season pass 0 to 10 bucks I think the situation would be okay. All of this seems like a thinly veiled way to counter Overwatch, which is smart - you shouldn’t just ignore your competition. Between Overwatch having more hype and better review scores, 2K/Gearbox shouldn’t want to piss off their existing fanbase.

It’s worthy of note that every big reviewer gave Overwatch a 10/10 on Metacritic.

Something smells fishy here.

"To celebrate the release of Alani"
You mean “to increase their sale since it’s doing so bad”

I wish we could get a free weekend though, this way I can show the game to my friends…