Does anyone else feel the loot pack discount prices should be the norm?

Edit: Between 7/15 and 7/24 I opened nearly 90 packs spread across each of the five factions and received about eight skins/taunts and one legendary. I only have about one third of the available skins and taunts in the game. Some of my characters have one or none of the loot pack cosmetics. Just thought I’d mention in case you think I’m someone who already has most of these collected.

These drop rates are absolutely horrible. Especially at the standard loot pack price.

While I was in the Lootpocalypse for the legendaries, I was also excited about the discounted loot packs. Specifically the faction packs because I like skins/taunts.

I don’t know why the drop rates on purely cosmetic items are so abysmal. I also don’t understand why I only get 500-1000 credits for a duped item which is certainly not enough to buy another pack at 1900 credits. I guess it’s better than nothing??? I have to play quite a few matches to be able to buy a loot pack at the standard 1900 credit price and it will most likely be one green and one white.

At any rate, here’s a few things they might consider doing:

-Keep the discounted prices. Honestly, it just felt like that’s what the prices should’ve been all along.

-Double the amount of credits we earn. Honestly, that weekend just felt like that’s what we should’ve been earning all along.

-Up the chances of skins/taunts. Because why not?

-Award packs after level 100. Because hitting 100 shouldn’t mean the end of your rewards. I’d love to see a prestige system implemented.

They could easily do one or more of these things. Just my thoughts.


They should just make Command boxes buyable. Of course for more price, but that would help sooooooooo much.


I do think 800 was more reasonable since paying 1900 and getting two trash items is rather poor.



During the double credit event it felt like you were actually being rewarded for completing missions. I’ve been mentioning the lackluster completion rewards regularly since launch. It only gets worse as you max out characters and command level. Designing events to trigger the a feeling of satisfaction that should have been present already, kinda seems odd.

Before they started doing the events, there was no recognizable risk reward system, especially in the Heliophage. Outside of getting the medals to unlock characters, it just seemed like it wasn’t worth running. Easy to fail, only one boss drops gear, and usually you walk away with 300-400 credits and some junk items. Not exactly what you’d expect from the intense battle with the final Boss.

I really don’t understand the reason they made victory feel so hollow. But I’m a unique case, I only run missions solo. I just think that if you invest 45+ min into a mission you should get the sense that you accomplished something.

Of course thats just my perspective, I don’t expect others to agree with my position.


I totally agree with you. I don’t run missions solo, but victory does feel hollow. Since you mentioned Heliophage…

I only ever ran Heliophage advanced to get the trophy and will never do it again. They could easily make all the bosses you fight drop from their respective loot pools, give you a few minutes to collect your drops before ripping you away for a cutscene or whatever and the scaling for a full group is crazy. I always feel I’m being punished for having a full team.


I’ve only ever done it with five people and won once, and that was with 3 of us still alive because me, a Miko, Mellka and OM kept on jumping around like crazy while he revived anyone who fell.

…Some of us play Advanced Helio for the pain factor and it dishes out plenty. :rage:

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Completely agree. I hadn’t saved a ton of credits, so I didn’t have a great deal to throw at loot packs, but I did manage to buy a few for myself (around 10?) and also got quite a few loot pack rewards for mission challenges. The contents of each were dismal. I may have kept 3 items out of more than 40 (most of the packs I bought were purples, all of which rolled total crap loot).

The few worthy, keepable purples I did roll this weekend all came from chests. :weary:

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Have you noticed Rendain gets much easier once he’s almost dead? Gearbox doesn’t want you to do all that work and then get skunked at the end. It’s a long hard road to that win screen, however.

I’ve done Helio advanced so many times I have tricks with each class.
At his last stage, with Alani, Galilea and Deande I get him to pin me against the high wall of the area where the varelsi ‘live’. He will continually toss me into the air but I do land in the melee spot.

Giants. Giants. Giants. Become invincible!

I bought almost 40 faction packs and got about six skins/taunts. Don’t think I kept any of the crappy gear.

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On a semi-related note, my Orendi-playing friend showed me the coolest taunt in Battleborn this weekend, beating even Dance Partners for S&A. I have no idea what it’s called, but Orendi literally makes a face with her hands (she has 4, so she can), says, “BOCK BOCK!” and makes two of the eyes fizzle with energy. I burst out laughing every time I saw it, it’s just the best taunt period IMO.

I would be fine if they just lowered prices a little bit to around 1200 and raised the amount of credits earned by around 20-30%. And OMG I want to be able to still earn commander packs after rank 100.
It’s so boring at the top :unamused:

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It’s the DDE exclusive taunt.

That all sounds good and right? I hit 100 over the weekend and I hate seeing my XP go to waste. I worked to get to 100 and now there’s nothing.


DDE? (ensmarten me plz :stuck_out_tongue: )

Digital Deluxe Edition

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The biggest insult is paying 1900 for a pack, it opens. you see that square / rectangle shape and you get excited because it could be a new color scheme or taunt for your BB but it turn outs to be 500 coins. woo hoo.


Yes! I’d like to add:

Getting credits is nice. Let’s just make that a thing and when the RNG pops up a skin or a taunt that we already have, just have it pick one we don’t! I should be happy to see credits, but it is always disappointing because I know that was supposed to be a skin/taunt, but I already had it. I’m still missing so many, it brings me down when I see I lost another chance. They aren’t all that common to start with.

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