Does anyone else hate One-Eyed Jack?

Seriously that bloody gun he has is a killer - one hit and he totally busts my shield and puts me in ‘FFYL’ mode - that guy’s taken me down more than any other boss

Oh absolutely! That guy is always a fight to look forward to. Hes a fun challenge providing you dont cheese the fight.

From the Wiki:

[quote]Unlike other bosses, it’s possible to end the fight with Jack quickly by
running him over with a vehicle. On the other hand, Jack can be a
dangerous opponent to fight on foot because of his high-damage revolver.

Otherwise, definitely do NOT attempt this under-levelled!

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well I’ve been fighting him in some custom maps where there’s no vehicle available - and normally he’s not alone…

like the ‘Fifth column’ custom map has you taking on Krom, One-Eyed Jack and Taylor Kobb at the same time - believe me it is NOT fun!

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Why in the world would ANYONE:anguished:

…and you have to get through a narrow gate as well, so it’s all too easy for them to focus their fire - Krom’s turret, the ‘Madjack’ and Kobb’s launcher all targeting a space a few ‘metres’ across

He’s easily the most challenging aspect of the small Underdome, which tends to make a lot of fights easier (cough Sledge cough) due to how much space you have. A good change of pace imo.

Good times. Wasn’t hard for me until second play through.

i remember the fight with Sledge when i was doing playthrough2 - I’d already become so skilled he was killed by my Scorpio alone :smile:

I concur, he’s tougher than Knoxx is.
My girlfriend and I always have a rough fight against him on playthrough 2.

I had to look him up. I probably usually run him over without noticing he was anything special. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or I sometimes take down the camp on foot and end up close to death. But I hadn’t realized there was a special enemy there. Or I forgot.

I agree. He’s definitely a challenge in the smaller Underdome fights.

Killing OEJ is always a pleasure. I’ll never forget the first time I took him (and his crew) on. What a fight.

Mad Mel on the other hand always kills me in playthrough 1. In playthrough 2 I might usually be better prepared.

yeah good point that’s a really difficult fight, especially in playthrough 1

I wondered why he never pops up in any custom maps but he’s basically a badass bruiser like it says here:

Conversely, Krom is one of my favorite fights. Dangerous but tolerable. Lots of fun ways to take him down. Well mostly either sniping long distance or running, then hiding behind rocks and huts on your way up to fight him point blank with shotguns/etc.


Ah yes, Krom’s Canyon. Where you find out how good your sniping really is! Had many a repeat trek through there. And it’s not that bad once you figure out where you can duck to let your shield recover. Always challenging though.

Kroms Canyon is probably in my top 3 favorite maps. As well as fighting Krom. Always look forward to my first visit there on each character.

i did Krom’s Canyon the other day - when i blew up the turret, Krom fell into the water below - but he was still there - i couldn’t see him but he was showing up as a red dot on the HUD

so i moved my gunsight around the water until his ‘lifeline’ showed up, and then shot him - he never appeared the whole time :smile:

have you noticed by the way, he always stays in a sitting position, even when falling from his turret? it’s like they never gave his model proper movement

Krom obviously has joint problems. Why you gotta pick on a man with a disability? Gosh. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: